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  1. There is a technique for getting cats out the door. You gotta put then in a section of stovepipe that is slick on the inside. Put the cat inside while still on the ground and seal the ends. On jump run just stick the end out the door and open the end and they slide right out.
  2. I had the fortunate opportunity to fly right seat with Chuck in that old "One More Tri". A beautiful experience flying around middle Tennesse. Must have been the middle or late 70's.
  3. My Daughter is 14 also and has that familiar "look" in her eye when she sees an airplane. I have not jumped in over twenty years but I think of my skydiving experiences almost every day. I just turned 56 and know that I have not yet made my last jump. I will be a skydiver for as long as I live.
  4. I am down here working in Joburg for the next 6 months. I have info on guest houses and can get info on drop zones. Were are you going in S.A.? You gotta do Krueger!
  5. I see the Bikini Hot Dog Girl from a distance but am reluctant to get up close. After 20 years of slinging mustard and standing out in the sun it may not be a pretty sight!
  6. Is the Dale Mabry Drive In still three?? I know the "Hot Dog Girl" in the White Bikini is still peddling out on Gandy by the water.
  7. Still got the strip joint complete with midgets on down Old Tampa Road past County Line Road!!
  8. The colors where to be used by downed pilots or paratroops for camoflag...white -snow...od-desert...orange -signal....green - forest
  9. 28' - white/ od/ green/orange canopy with double L modifications packed in a surplus container and harness with watermelon size front mounted reserve paid $35.00 for it and was glad to have it. Saved me $1.50/jump rental fee
  10. Looking for anyone that ever jumped Decker Farm from the sixties to the eighties. Thanks.