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  1. With Paradise Portugal Skills camp during that period of time https://www.facebook.com/events/923919651046496/ The organisers are really good ça passe ou ça frotte
  2. http://www.popscreen.com/v/6eWXj/les-11-commandements-volley-viagra I guess it can be understood even without subtitles ça passe ou ça frotte
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/Tinder/ Some people are having fun with thoses apps ça passe ou ça frotte
  4. another Peugeot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKgeCQGu_ug ça passe ou ça frotte
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz1k37TPA8U ça passe ou ça frotte
  6. To brew very very good beers ? more seriously, this is just the heritage of history (royal families and so on ...) ça passe ou ça frotte
  7. So ... we have to prepare to invade Belgium ça passe ou ça frotte
  8. As you said, thoses guns were bought illegally. How did they purchased them ? Investigation is on going. It's possible to buy AK's on the black market (balkans are not so far). And if this was organised by the bastards of Al qaeda Yemen as they are claiming, i guess they know how to manage such purchases. ça passe ou ça frotte
  9. I heard there is a plan to have this issue translated in English, spanish , german ... ça passe ou ça frotte
  10. Can someone translate that bubble? Google translate gives: Sexual slaves boko haram angry. Touch it to our allocs Allocs stands for "allocation familiales", which is what you get from the welfare state to help families. I guess they mixed two subjects that were on the headlines at that time. Without the context it's hard to understand the point. Be sure they were not blaming the victims. ça passe ou ça frotte
  11. They knew the risks, Charb still had a constant protection from the police but they did not deserved what they get. When they republish the cartoon from the the danish newspaper it was in the name of the right of free speech in a free country. I bought Charlie Hebdo many times when i was younger, and still read it from time to time. I know a little what CH is about. ça passe ou ça frotte
  12. I disagree with the opinion of the article. When British Tabloïds are on their favorite "french bashing" theme many french people could be offended. Where is their sense of responsability in that case ? Why the need to not offend extremist and why do they continue on a regular basis with French people? One difference is that in one case their fear retaliation. Fear makes the difference. They can try to convince themselves that this was not fear but responsability that drives their action, they just don't convince me. I guess that Chamberlain was speaking of responsability when he came back from Munich (Such as Daladier ...). ça passe ou ça frotte
  13. I 'd like to see examples of what your saying Some cartoons were bad taste for sure, but bad taste is not a crime. Usually there cartoon were not 1 st degree. Some people just don't understand 2 nd or 3 rd degree. Their humor might be hard to understand when you're not French (As sometimes I don't catch British Humor). You don't like, you don't buy. And that's all. ça passe ou ça frotte
  14. Now being at home i watched the video and it's bullshit. Don't trust this "Djihad specialist". ça passe ou ça frotte