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  1. Depends how you look at it. I've flown jumpers out of that airport. Not a lot of outs if you loose an engine after take off. It could have easily been a multiple fatality report. I for one would be giving Rich a big hug and thank you for keeping everyone alive and unhurt. Well done sir!
  2. My feelings exactly! Well done! And by the way, self promotion is a good thing if you can back it up! And this man can!
  3. Looks to me that his RSL was misrouted under his reserve risers. When a person simulates a Skyhook/RSL misroute deployment on the "table" the dangers become clear. I've been warning about this for years, but I guess it will take a fatality to fix the problem (if the cause is discovered). The fix? I have proposed a simple Tyvek warning label Sewn on the reserve risers showing correct AND incorrect routing. The label could be sewn on all existing Skyhook equipped rigs in the field. What do you think Kelly?
  4. I'll take a raven with just a few jumps on it over a "modern" base canopy with 200 jumps on it any day! And Paul, you know that most base canopies are copies of proven reserve designs (like the raven). See you at bridge day!
  5. I've got 4 swifts I'll sell you cheap.
  6. Anyone know the N number? I need a 337 for the door
  7. Anyone know the tail number?
  8. Not true Bagel, John and Frank get along just fine. The truth is we did not renew the lease because jumpers didn't like the slow ride to altitude and it burned too much fuel.
  9. Jan says; A week or so after the summer 2005 meeting Bangs went to the DZ at Pennridge and solicited their staff to work at Crosskeys. Bangs was subsequently dismissed by Crosskeys for this action. I was there. Glen bangs, myself, and two other jumpers stopped at Pennridge with the skyvan to pick up a jumper (not associated with Pennridge) for a demo. An unhappy DZ instructor asked ME about working at Crosskeys, and I told him to "send us a resume". Apparently he thought I was the manager (Glen was the manager), and thats how the whole rumor got started. We were there for 20 minutes, and Glen never spoke to anyone about working at Crosskeys. Secondly, the reason that Glen left Crosskey in the middle of the season, is because his wife's health took a turn for the worse. It surprised no one at Crosskeys that the Skyride people would make these false accusations to further their court case.
  10. What kind of exit? Front float or rear float pehaps?
  11. Do a fuctional test on both and tell me if you still feel that way. Seriously.
  12. I've got one for you. Misroute the Skyhook RSL under the reserve risers, then simulate an RSL deployment. See what happens. Mark PS.. How's that base rig working out for you?
  13. Here's my interpretation of the FARs. * FAR 65.129 d&e says a manufacturer can authorize an alteration. *Advisory circular 105-2C Sec. 8 (which is not an FAR and therefore not law), forgets to mention that a manufacturer can authorize alterations. If any conflict between the two exists, FAR part 65 should be followed. Sun Path has specifically authorized removal of the RSL by a master rigger in their latest bulletin. We don't need FAA authorization. Here's my interpretation of Sun Paths Letter dated 2-27-2007, Question #5 response from Sun Path says a master rigger can "approve"and"certify" a previously removed RSL with notations on "data cards/logbooks". In the case of a simple lanyard removal,a master rigger could approve,(or not approve) the alteration without unpacking the reserve. That's just my interpretation. My opinion......Sunpath is simply following advice from legal council,... cut them a break.Other manufacturers may soon follow suit. Mark