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  1. I feel obligated to say that even though I don't usually care or even participate in anything uspa outside of simply renewing my ratings, you should vote for Jeremy. This man is seriously one of the most genuine and humble jumpers I've ever met, with just the right amount of experience to make it all worthwhile. I feel he would do you some good and who doesn't need some good right now? I have no stake in this claim but who couldn't use a little good fortune? If you run across this guy or talk an issue over with him, I would bet you're going to end up much better off in the long run. :)
  2. Private Club. Visitors welcome.
  3. +1000 it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to learn to adjust a harness correctly.
  4. RIP Gary... another one of the good guys.
  5. sweet! i will be there. haven't been to a boogie in a while, but it's always a good time at Delmarva anyway! see ya' there!
  6. so what's the dealio? did i just miss it, or has this not been updated for the October dates around these parts?
  7. did you figure it out yet? what i see from your project.. this is what i would do. make the whole project first down to a full quality DV file (.avi). then open a new project and insert that file. then you can add your DVD menus and chapters by clipping into the big file. i found in the past using studio (which is FULL of bugs) that multiple transitions and blah blah will cause it to do bad things. so simply breaking big projects into many smaller ones (such as individual chapters of the end dvd) works much more efficiently. hope that helps!
  8. Harry, you know damn well i've been old and crabby for years.
  9. thanks Bill. i have not lost any faith in the skyhook, was just curious as to why that might have happened. as someone that's had 4 "real" skyhook rides, i know firsthand that it works quite well. this last one was pretty scary though, and looking back (after seeing the broken lanyard) i thought there might have been a particular reason the reserve was wrapped around my neck upon deployment. either way, it worked out. i don't remember which model of skyhook this one was, (i've had both) but i think it was the newer one. i lost the freebag so i can't be sure. anyway, thanks to everyone for their input!
  10. sweet. now there will be a life guard needed for students and HALO jumpers. that will probably increase the PAC lift ticket cost.
  11. Hey Mark! well, i hope that is not the case, that would seem like a very bad mistake. the BASE rig is a very happy addition to the family. thanks!
  12. very interesting. thanks Scott. although i can't read it, i'm ever curious about this debate that i've obviously not stayed up with... edit: thanks again! haha, now i can read it. spooky.
  13. thanks Ian, i hope so. i'm just very curious about this. hope all is well with ya'!
  14. about two inches above where it attaches to the RSL lanyard.