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  1. blitzkrieg

    USPA Central Region Director Candidate....

    I feel obligated to say that even though I don't usually care or even participate in anything uspa outside of simply renewing my ratings, you should vote for Jeremy. This man is seriously one of the most genuine and humble jumpers I've ever met, with just the right amount of experience to make it all worthwhile. I feel he would do you some good and who doesn't need some good right now? I have no stake in this claim but who couldn't use a little good fortune? If you run across this guy or talk an issue over with him, I would bet you're going to end up much better off in the long run. :)
  2. blitzkrieg

    Eastern Shore Skydiving

    Private Club. Visitors welcome.
  3. blitzkrieg

    Secondary lower performance canopy?

    i understand your reasons for this poll, and actually think it's a good idea in general. although, i think it is much more important for people to have the ability to just fly their little swoopy canopies in a straight in conservative approach, or one with minimal turns, and recognize the times it is a good idea to avoid traffic complications by initiating big speed inducing turns, etc. you don't always need to fly balls to the wall... but, i'm probably just waisting my breath
  4. blitzkrieg

    Raeford Boogie and Film Festival

    this is going to be good. if for no other reason, people should come because... FREE registration great LOs $15 jump tickets $145 tandems Kool videos... C-ya'!
  5. blitzkrieg

    Team Paraclete Training

    ju know it.
  6. blitzkrieg

    southern comfort air ranch ????

    it is CLOSED! there a many other great DZs around, though. where would she be coming from?
  7. blitzkrieg

    info on this video

    yes. he's alive. just like it says in the video caption.
  8. blitzkrieg


    i would suggest keeping a "healthy" distance...
  9. blitzkrieg

    Ohio over xmas

    i'm in!
  10. blitzkrieg

    packing in constricted conditions

    just don't drop it down the spiral staircase at the horner....
  11. blitzkrieg

    Perigee Pro Packing Tips

    at first my pro was pretty tight, so i legthened the closing loops to a comfortable tension. for the last couple years it's been loose, with very low pin tension (which i've been meeting to shorten) and i've not had any trouble with low freefalls, or terminal jumps. although, i did have a pin pop on an A last summer... the nice thing about the p pro, is that even if the loops are loose, the closing flap closes the same.
  12. blitzkrieg

    A question of altitude

    last time i was on it my Suunto read 242 from the catwalk to the lowest point... although... there's not much flat ground other than between the pillars.. wherein i've never actually landed. i'm sure a laser would be more accurate...
  13. blitzkrieg

    Where to buy packing clamps?

    try a BASE gear dealer/manufacturer.
  14. blitzkrieg

    would you move from your state for base?

    i guess that would depend on your definition of "real". East side is da best.
  15. blitzkrieg

    Terminal velocity

    see, now that was actually some useful information, because it relates to people! when was the last time anybody saw a tennis ball and a shotput huckin' a 2-way?