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  1. Somehow I get the feeling I won't be the only one. There should be many "first" out there to cover the beer debt to anyone organizing this thing.
  2. There will be many "firsts" if I make it to Europe to jump.
  3. I nominate you to help with the sponsors. Since you have experience.
  4. I don't expect exact details yet. Most dropzones don't have boogie plans that far in advance. But I was wondering if we have a time frame picked out and a dropzone picked for sure. Also I am curious if there is a website setup for future information. --on a side note, is any deafs interested in getting together at a boogie in United States this year for an informal practice run(maybe this summer or fall)?
  5. Hey all, It has been awhile since any news was posted. I am curious if there is any new information about the DWR2010? Has a website been posted, any dates set yet? I am open to any date in September or June. Look forward to seeing many of you again and meeting more deaf jumpers.
  6. Are you talking about the one run by Slavo or an earlier one? What was the one run by a "Doc" out of Terrell who had a C47 for a short time? Edit-- I remember talk about a Dropzone in Waco that was used sometimes for jumps into Lake Waco ( not sure about that) Forgot to mention the original Skydive Temple run by Rich.
  7. Count me in too. I promise not to do anything stupid.
  8. L&B makes a great one that you can attach a LED or LCD to it and mount it on your helmet in you line of sight or in your peripheral vision. The LED is similar to what some cameraman video setups use, and the LCD is a more unique setup. They flash in different patterns at different altitudes depending on your settings and also for canopy flight. I have used both and love them. If you do a search on the forum I think it has been discussed before.
  9. Congrats on your jump. For the record I jump with or with a hearing aide, it depends on the mood and who I jump with. I always wear a helmet(full face or protec) on my jumps. I don't think I would wear my hearing aid with a frap hat( the leather one).
  10. There is a site called , also Billy is talking about a social website you can join called facebook ( then inside that you can join a group called deaf skydivers.
  11. I text at a bar or party because its too damn loud to hear in it. I text pretty much all the time anyway. Of course, I am deaf so talking doesn't make much sense to me. Other peoples reasons may vary.
  12. That's why I love having my Sidekick at work. Although, I still get a bit leary clicking on BillyVance's posts.
  13. I gotta agree with Billy. The way you posted it made it seem like you were poking fun at the people in the paralympics. What exactly is the purpose of your post?
  14. Great job! Seems you are really making great improvements since your attempts in DWR 2006. Keep it up!
  15. He is also in Parachutist page 16 same position( 4 o' clock wacker dark blue)