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  1. You missed it padu!! I had brought free beer yest when I passed my AFF lvl 7! yay!!
  2. Thank you all for your helpfulness. I listened to the link that was posted and it was very helpful having an opinion of an ENT specialist who used to skydive. I also had talked with my doctor about it. Although, I was just curious to know if you can lose your hearing/damage your eardrum without having any pain/discomfort/warning signs. The ENT on the link said you would know when it is not a safe time to jump because you will feel discomfort/pain after jumping, but what if you dont feel any pain, I wonder if you could still do some damage without knowing it. hrmm.. maybe its a stupid question, I guess it all just boils down to boyle's law.
  3. Hi mdrejhon! I am a newbie AFF student in the US. I am at AFF level 4 currently and am enjoying it. I am not completely deaf, but am hard of hearing. A few years ago I woke up with permanent hearing loss in one ear, and run the risk of losing the ability to hear out of my other ear as well. Anywho, just thought I would introduce myself!
  4. Hello all, I am an AFF student and I was just wondering how many of you have heard of someone damaging their ear drums from skydiving, or if anyone knows how common it is? I suffered from permanent hearing loss a few years ago (non-skydiving related), just in one of my ears, and am slightly concerned about losing my hearing in my other ear. I was wondering if change in pressure could rupture the eardrum if you have some sort of sinus problem or allergies. I want to save my last ear as much as possible from hearing damage so that I won’t go completely deaf, but don’t want to stop doing things I like to do just because I have this problem. Please let me know what you think. I would also like to know if there is any advice for a newbie skydiver from those who are deaf and/or hard of hearing, it is nice to know that there are others out there like me. Thanks!
  5. Is that who got picked up in the ambulance? I saw them on the ground but didn't see them fall, I was wondering what had happened.
  6. Sorry for the lame question, what is a potato chipper? Is it too stiff?? no arch? I think I might be one of those!
  7. It was my first time to perris skydive as I am new, I bought a Koji shirt and love the design! It is very big and it was very busy there, does anyone know what happened around 3pm? I saw the ambulance picking up someone off the field... I hope they are ok, I over heard that the person dropped like a rock from the sky? does anyone know? It seemed very windy
  8. Why was she reluctant to do her solos? It seems she had more experience than others who are doing AFF.
  9. ahh yes, instability at pull time is what I am worried about.
  10. ahh... it is nice to see people of all shapes and sizes in this sport!
  11. hi all, I am an AFF student and was thinking about going down to the Perris Valley tunnel to practice my arch and lower body before i move on to the release dives, so that I can work on being more stable & reduce my "stiff-as-a-board" like form in the sky. Just wondering about the Perris Valley indoor tunnel, and if it is a good idea for practicing during AFF training? Does it simulate freefall pretty well & how is it at this particular tunnel? Thanks!
  12. yea you said it, I didn't know if I would like it, but... geez! its addicting...