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  1. do you have problem with people who partificate in paralympics...i have great respect of those guys... i can`t see i have done anything wrong here..
  2. i personally know one jumper who jump without feets....and he`s quit good at freeflying...not joking
  3. oh...i forgot to add one of those bonus rolling eyes....
  4. They could be skydivers...just like me and you..
  5. read: Forums: Community: Skydivers with Disabilities: Yes, im in right forum.. Im not banned anywhere, why should i be?
  6. Da`gang... Next olympic.with skydiving.. may i suggest a "no-hand-lander" as a part of canopy contest?
  7. he did the same thing as me...didn`t read!! and he`s a moderator...wow, im glad he`s not a russian general who have his finger on the bomb detonator hahaha....well...folks, i consider myself as banned here on this board in 5 min...(((more laught)))
  8. i just read his first post then i didn`t bother read the replies....now i get the picture... im i sorry?, nahh....im just bored
  9. don`t you think 2 years in "business" still makes you a whuffo?
  10. i could give you something who is much better than this brown sauce you are drinking all day long...hohoho...