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  1. Miles D has 100+ to date for 06'! Whatever......
  2. Alright, I'll bite. I betcha a new pair of "pontoons", he get's 884!
  3. cool! pre-school death camp!
  4. hucklberry


    Hey Clifford, Did jt get banned because he called me a 'dip shit'? bummer! but...... What a "dumb ass"!
  5. hucklberry


    jt, I'll show but only if you sport your reno 911 moustache again it's such a turn on your my hero!
  6. hucklberry


    "Americans Parachuting Off Objects with Parachutes" hmmmm......... isn't that APOOP? Who's the retard? & More like "The Greatest Death Defying Jumper in the World".
  7. anyone..........? on NSP land.... "illegal air delivery" is a felony, right?
  8. "DudeR' is the MAN!!!! such a show off though.
  9. Any pilot's out there? can you PM me.. got a question for ya.
  10. update............ As of 8:30 last night in twin, Miles had to stop jumping due to high winds and some rain. He ended up with 57 jumps. GOOD JOB MILES D!
  11. Last I heard.......... Miles D was working on his 53rd jump.......... with 6-7 hours to go. He did a 7-way for the 50th. mostly all have been slider down............ They (the pack hands) have a "special" slider up rig set aside for him. GO MILES GO!
  12. Amen to that! oh and TREE, I'm embarrased for wife and kid but you don't hear me being a negitive nancy toward them. Has anyone ever told you that you talk to much? pull the stick out of your ass, go warm up the milk, sit back and enjoy!
  13. so Tommy Boy, JT walked his ass right out the hospital. Having knowing some folks in the local medical community, does this mean he's fine? and does it mean this actually went on? please eloborate more if you could.