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  1. Ah how I wish it wasn't true. At least the screw in my knee left me 2 months ago. (along with 2400 bucks it cost to get it out)
  2. You think that is nice. Look at attached pic.
  3. I think this is ET but it may be some other type of martian.
  4. Man were those big transactions. I'm surprised it was worth it to for 1300 bucks. There is a site called I believe where they talk about a million stories like this and if you would have left it at negative balance you would have been fine. Paypal bugs you but in the end does nothing to actually hurt your credit or anything and just writes it all off. Well sorry to hear about it. Totally sucks.
  5. Hm.... over here credit cards are much preferred because if someone even charged up 10k on your card that you didnt authorize the most you ever have to pay is 50 dollars. The credit card company takes care of the rest. Where with a bank account they could just empty it and the bank wouldnt even fight for you. Im sure you couldnt do it going into a bank and just asking to empty someones account but you could buy stuff online and get it shipped to you with someone elses bank info.
  6. Are you positive on this - cause unless they have some weird censorship on the internet I could go to europe right now with nothin but a routing and account number and empty anyones account right now for a US account checking account. There are numerous things I have paid for onilne with a online check that requires only those 2 numbers and has no verification process at all.
  7. Ive now had 2 different people from russia want to buy a spectre I have for sale and both wanted all my bank info for a wire. It seems legit but I'd never do it because once they have your routing and bank account number they could empty it just as easy as put money in it. So being from the netherlands, how would you pay someone in the united states? Is a wire about the only way to do it cross borders because these russians tell me something about paypal not working in their country or something.
  8. Wow he actually wrote back and said "i am not a scammer okay? does it mean everybody in Africa is a scammer?"
  9. Well this is the reply I sent. "Since we both know your a scammer that does nothing worthwhile his entire life but tries to screw honest people, how many people do you actually successfully screw? I've always wondered what a low life loser like yourself makes."
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. Makes me feel a lot better about it
  11. Out of you that have broken your femurs. How long were you limping after you started walking again? Or did it never go away. Im having this problem with limping - I've been off crutches for maybe a month now. Broke it on July 31st. I can walk with a cane fine without any apparent limp but I cannot manage to walk without a limp without the cane no matter what I do. It seems my body is trying to center its weight on my right leg (the broken one) when it walks so it forces my right hip to like dip in towards my left hip. Just looks like my whole upper body leaning to the right whenever I step with my right foot. Is it just I need to get all my muscle in my injured leg back so it doesnt try to compensate for being weak? Hopefully I'm not the lone soul that had this problem and you all got yours cured and can help me out
  12. I would also be interested in this since I will be taking Toms class this summer and live by Notre Dame. No one at the goshen dropzone knew of any when I did a lot of jumping there and the closest BASE people I found were up around Napoleon Michigan. You may have better luck going towards that area instead of South Bend.
  13. Ha I was actually thinking about jumping that sittin in class today (after I get back from my BASE course this summer). I was wondering what it would be considered since it seems more like an A than a B. I've gone on that like 5-6 times in the last 2 years and everytime I think about jumping off the top. It would be quite a bit easier to get up on the coaster they made the year before though to replace the magnum. U just jump a fence and run up the stairs on the side and could be at the top in about 3 minutes if you were a fast runner and in good shape. Then you just jump in the water and have a friend in a boat take you away. Its on the very edge of the park so I don't think there would be a problem getting away.