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  1. I was almost #3 yesterday out at Perris. (Flared too high). Thank you broken foot Gods for sparing me! Heal quickly my dear, sweet friend. Sending loving, healing hugs your way~xoxo
  2. I ALMOST was #3 yesterday out at Perris. You know the story...flared too high...slammed to the ground w/ a nice PLF. I expected the worse, but was pleasantly surprised with a SOFT slam to the ground. Phew! (Thanks foot breaking Gods). :-) "Wanna cookie little boy?"
  3. What a beautiful photo. Congrats to you both!
  4. I'm going to share in that sentiment with Rosa. (Love you girl). No doubt the dreams you and Shannon share will come to fruition. God bless~Tanya
  5. And I thought DUST DEVILS were a pain in the ass! WOW!!! "Wanna cookie little boy?"
  6. No, not all guys are assholes. I had to learn that the hard, painful way, but at least I've learned it. I ALLOWED myself to go through HELL so that I could appreciate HEAVEN, which is what I'm doing now. My boyfriend ROCKS!!!! (And I will NEVER go through HELL again)! You listening KC? "Wanna cookie little boy?"
  7. I lost my dad AND my mom to smoking related diseases. My dad died of lung cancer at the age of 80. Mom wasn't lucky enough to live past 56. Emphysema took her from us. I'm sorry for your loss. It's hard, I know. I miss both my parents so much! I always will. And you will always miss your dad. Your tribute is beautiful! I'm sure he is looking down, and is so proud of you. May Peace be with you, my friend. "Wanna cookie little boy?"
  8. Love to hear stories like that! My condolences to all who were close to Howard. Yet another angel in the sky....Tanya "Wanna cookie little boy?"
  9. My most humble wishes for peace and consolement go out to all those who were close to Scotty. I didn't get the chance to get close to him, but am grateful we chatted on New Year's Eve by the bonfire. Biggest hugs for Kathryn, my dear Adam, daughter Amber and John. I wish I could take away your pain. Tanya "Wanna cookie little boy?"
  10. I also did not know Brooke personally, however I am close to some who are deeply affected by this tragedy. My sympathy and prayers for comfort go out to Brooke's loved ones, and all who were positively touched by Brooke. It saddens me that we have lost yet another "family" member. Peace and love to you all. Tanya "Wanna cookie little boy?"
  11. I'm sorry Harry, my tears are falling as I type. I am going to miss you so much! We will all miss seeing you out at Elsinore. Thank you for all of your warm, cheerful hugs, sincere advice and for always eating my chocolate chip cookies; even the burnt ones! lol See, you make me laugh even from so far above. Red has always been my favorite color. Now it is even more so because of YOU! While you're up there, why don't you put in a good word for the rest of us~Janna, I wish you comfort and peace. Know that you are just as loved by all of your skydiving friends and family. Hug n a cookie Harry~Tanya
  12. Congrats! You have all that fresh, newbie enthusiasm and I LOVE IT! So you rock climb too? I've only done it twice and could EASILY be led...but I have to save something for the future. lol Best wishes for "loads" of awesome, safe skydives. Come see us out at Skydive Elsinore, so cal. Ask for The Cookie Lady. That's ME!!
  13. I have 17 and 11 year old sons. They are my LIFE! You don't know me, but it doesn't matter. We are parents.The love we feel for our children cannot be matched! Only God can beat us out. Please accept my warmest hug and wishes for healing peace to you Mike, and all those who love Shannon. Tanya "Wanna cookie little boy?"
  14. Hugs to everyone out at Skydive New Mexico. I am sorry for the loss of your "Big Dog" Elijah. His photos show what a fun, adventureous character you have all been blessed to know. "Wanna cookie little boy?"
  15. My condolences as well. Fly happy Dan! "Wanna cookie little boy?"