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  1. Ahh Yes the "work" jump. He was just keepen' ya on your toes! I have a few of those a month. But I still give them the whole breif as I have from the very begining. It has more to do with my military training and my peice of mind to stay with the same check list and change as little as possible. Matt
  2. matthewcline

    Differences flying in tunnel vs. skydiving?

    Jen, John Hoover from the Golden Knights recently wrote an article about the differences in skydiving magazine. I too have found I fly a bit different from the tunnel to the actual skydive, and I too believ it is the rig that is the difference. So now many tunnels are offering "tunnel rigs" as a training aide. The body position you discribe may actually be tilting you up to a much steeper body angle, almost like you may be inadvertantly booty flying. In the mantis having your body symmetrical takes a little bit of focus in the biggining but becomes second nature with practice. Try a coach and video it will help, and the next time you go to the tunnel try a tunnel rig and a coach who is talented in the aspect of the sport your focusing on for now. But most of all have fun with all of it! Matt
  3. matthewcline

    How many can you do in a row?

    12 from the 182 with out me packing, about five hours of jumping. 8 from the 182 with me packing, about six to seven hours of me jumping/packing. 14 from the tail gate A/C with out me packing, about six hours of me jumping. Packing is what wears me out during the summer. When I do not have to pack it is because we have more than 1 rig and a packer is working his or her butt off. The jumps themselves always increase my focus and if I don't feel the focus leval on high I stop for the day. Matt
  4. matthewcline

    somebody out there jumping a rage form FCI.

    I have been jumping a rage 130 and Riot 107 lately. The rage was reveiwed by myeslf last summer. You can find it in the gear reviews I believe. The canopy flies solid and performs extremely well. It opens slow but controlled, due to its nose design with the one piece top and bottom skin per cell. This canopy is in the high perfomance catagory, so please if you have low numbers of hi-perf experience get coaching and take the FCI and PD advice, open high and learn the canopy before you add it to your vRW and RW jumps. Land strait in and learn its plane and flare points before you start adding speed generating manuevers to your landings. You'll have fun, I know I have. Matt
  5. matthewcline

    Dolphin Containers

    Had one and fell out of love with it real fast. It just didn't have the construction and strength to last long. It looked ten years old in 6 months. I have a Wings that is 4 years old with 500 jumps and looks like it is brand new still. Matt
  6. matthewcline

    no one is talking about it?

    I saw it and I still cringe over it, Matt
  7. matthewcline


    I run a small Demonstration Team that uses "Wings" rigs for its Student Training, Relative Work, Demonstration Jumps with smoke and for its camera jumpers. We have Large 7 cell demonstration canopies in most of our rigs, but we do have several smaller ones holding zero-p canopies for the camera jumpers. The system is tough, they take some serious abuse from our students and the smoke, but still look good after the 3 years we have had them. I have been offered a free rig for my personnal use by a competeing maker but chose to buy one from Sunrise instead.