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    Looking for RW school recommendation

    Well, either state has great coaches and DZ's. If I went to Florida I would look up Doug Park. in AZ, well there is that team called Air Speed, at that DZ called Eloy, they might be able to help ya out. Matt
  2. So you wanna be a T-I? SEE THIS GUY! You will learn far more than a "book class", and be far better prepared for your first "real" student and first "Oh SHIT!" scenario. Matt Cline Former USPA and UPT Tandem-I/E 2500+ Tandem Jumps, 500 fronts.
  3. matthewcline

    Need help identifying this D-bag

    Do you have a larger and better oriented pic? or multiple pics? Matt
  4. Clickies should work now. Matt
  5. matthewcline

    Study Guide for Pro Rating?

    The Pro Card itself. It is a simple chore, get a good mentor, follow the Pro card and you will be good to go. Matt
  6. Other than the video's title, where did it say that in the story? I didn't hear it, did I miss it? Matt
  7. matthewcline

    Chattanooga Skydiving Company

    They look like a group (Family) starting a news business in the area. Make a trip out in person and see who they are. But SET would be my personal jump location choice if in the Eastern end of TN. Matt
  8. matthewcline

    Best DZ to Pack at?

    You're a rigger? Matt
  9. matthewcline

    Frank Knapp Jr.

    Rest easy Frank. Matt
  10. matthewcline

    hit the tunnel a third day in a row?

    Rhetorical question right? Get in the tunnel! Matt
  11. matthewcline

    USPA consdering proposal re: camera use?

    If I was on the BOD I would vote for it to be a BSR for all formats of Photography and videoagraphy. The trends are showing a recommendation is not working. The trends show too many think they are with "madd skillz" and can handle it. I have put a few "madd skillz" holders on stretchers, which negated their argument. Caveat- I have not flown camera actively in 9 years. But have been flown into by many "madd skillz" camera owners in the last nine years. Matt
  12. matthewcline

    Raising Minimum Deployment Altitudes

    It is being discussed in the BOD Winter Meeting thread, seems no one is real keen on it as proposed. Matt
  13. "Mile-Hi has been doing jumps at the airport since 1995. But it's only recently that complaints about its noise have taken off. In 2010, the airport got 488 calls complaining about the skydiving (332 of them from three people, according to records). This year, Barth said, calls are on track to surpass 400 again." Wow! Three people, one (pictured) moved in after the DZ opened and is only using the DZ so she can stop the runway extension! Why does the City even listen to this nonsense? Matt
  14. matthewcline

    Do MARD Components require TSO Certification?

    Personally, I would be calling and asking you this question. But, since the answer to the question is truly not what you seek why dont you just come out with the issue, so we can all discuss it. Matt
  15. matthewcline

    Value of an Argus?

    [url[/url] I would say $0. I would also say those selling them are taking a liability risk, but I am not a lawyer. Matt
  16. matthewcline

    Skyride's fake awards company

    The only people that can be impressed with that fake award is the unknowing consumer, oh wait. Forward the info to you States Attorney General, let them look into it. It is their Job after all. Matt
  17. The answer to all your USPA related questions is at this link: Matt
  18. matthewcline

    Have you ever jumped a Caribou?

    Yes. A lot of times.
  19. matthewcline

    Jumping with a small banner tomorrow.

    Did you do any reinforcement to the middle or body of the Banner? How big are the loops for your hands? Have you researched how to roll and exit with the banner as well as its deployment in freefall? Since this is a relatively small banner, flag shaped, then the following technique may work. Roll the flag down to the bottom edge, once you have the roll, take two rubber bands (news paper type not packing bands) and place them around the roll in the middle about a foot apart. GEAR UP. Get a gear check. Place your hands through the loops so that the loops pass through your palms and exit your hands between thumb and forefinger. This will allow you to control the roll with two fingers from each hand and the loops. For the exit have the videoagrapher climb out and you on one knee move to the door, near the door bring the roll to your chest if small enough to control or behind your neck (this is used for larger freefall banners pretty successfully), if the banner unrolls behind you on exit it is just premature but not a danger (provided you exited stable). If it unrolls on your chest this should be small enough to clear easily buy placing your arms "up" dragging the material away from you and into the right position. A diving exit is pretty simple, use a verbal count and dive at the clear air space to the Videoagrapher's left, under the tails edge. As soon as your stable extend your arms into position, once extended let the corners go as you hold the loops. The air will do the rest. The corners will start to catch air and unroll the drag will be enough to break the two small rubber bands as they are pretty thin. It will be a bit flappy and rough, but not too bad. You will get a bit of a work out. Plan to open high, 3-3.5k should be good. At break off the camera should back up, and at deployment alt you need to release the right loop and deploy, be vigorous with the throw out. Be ready to let the flag go if your entangled. If the flag is entangled go through your normal EP Progressions. If not, and all opens then stuff the flag into your suit and fly safe to a smooth landing. Another option is to let the flag go and hope it lands on the DZ. Not a good option if it is needed for a post dive Photo Op. But above all know when to say "No"! Be safe. Matt
  20. matthewcline

    Night Tandems

    In the US, Tandem Skydiving is Student Skydiving. Student Skydives must be complete by Official Sunset. That means the students feet on the ground. BSR 2-1, E-9 The only exception is for record attempts and the "Student" was a licensed Skydivier Qualified to make nights jumps as well as the T-I. And of Course the Military for Ops. Matt
  21. matthewcline

    Bevsuits for freefly???

    I am not a Freeflyer but use a Bev Freefly suit for Tandems and Slow AFF's. The Suit has held up great over the last 3 years (900 ish jumps) I only got a Cordura butt added and the rest of the options are standard. Matt
  22. matthewcline

    USPA changes tandem BSR

    And to be clear a USPA BSR applies to every MEMBER of USPA who conducts Tandem Instruction. I think it is a step in the right direction. USPA should not be dictating the age in which one can start to skydive. In this case they fell back to Manufacturers rules, some may see no difference and may even see a further restriction. But now is there is away to legally protect the Manufacturers, then we can do away with the age debate. Matt
  23. matthewcline

    Airspeed vs French @ Valentines Meet

    I agree, the tradition will continue. Good job by all! Matt