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  1. The Conquest (from PISA?) also used to open pretty hard, if I remember correctly. Out of curiosity, why were you told to replace the Conquest?
  2. Another paragliding company in the mix, Nervures 'Swoop': http://www.nervures.co.uk/swoop.php
  3. This is the friendliest DZ I have been to in Southern Africa.
  4. The usual suspects: Cessna 182/185/206/210 Caravan/Grand Caravan Porter King Air DC3 C47-TP Islander Casa 212 Casa 235 LET 410 C-130 Helicopters: Aerospatiale Puma MIL Mi-8 Bell Jet Ranger Microlight: Windlass Trike Oddball: ATL-98 Carvair
  5. I have the same problem. I'm running NT. Another frustrating thing is that JPGs embedded in html emails get converted to BMPs when I send them.
  6. Have a look at the clips on http://www.beyondgravity.com/NET/main.htm
  7. Thank you. It is only a DHV1/2, but it has flown many km cross country. I will be upgrading soon.
  8. Mine is a nickname I got while at university. It is Afrikaans and the pronunciation is something like flay-see. It is short for vleisbom (meat bomb).
  9. I saw a video of Dale Stuart doing freestyle to 'It's a kind of magic' by Queen. I remember wondering how anyone could be smiling while in freefall. That inspired me to start.
  10. It's not really that bad and she actually enjoys it! They see things every week that people in private practice will see maybe once a year.
  11. My wife works at Chris Hani - Baragwanath in Soweto, the infection rate in the burns unit is 30%. Burn injuries occur pretty randomly so it gives a good estimate of the rate for the general population.
  12. Hierdie ou is in Engeland, gebruik hulle nog Fahrenheit? Die hele plek brand seker weer af daar by julle?
  13. Ek het al die moeite gedoen om weer te gaan registreer om te stem, maar ek is in Namibië op 14 April! Ek score darem 'n ekstra dag verlof. In die kaap is die weer elke dag crap, in Gauteng net op die naweke.