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  1. That may be your opinion, but I was simply asking how they could cure the AIDS virus when they couldn't even cure the common cold. Mind your own business.
  2. That is horrible! Are the Simpsons a big hit in Mexico and other latin countries?
  3. To discuss that, would be opening a can of worms!
  4. To be honest, I think Chris Rock was holding back a bit tonight. I guess being the first negro host, he wanted to make sure he wasn't the last!
  5. I can understand your feelings. A lot of it has to do with egos. The voice of Bart Simpson is a butt ugly woman who thinks she deserves 1 Million dollars per episode FOR VOICE OVER WORK! The character voices threatened to strike if they didn't get damn near that per episode. This happened about 3 years ago. When sales are up, egos get big, and quality along with work ethic declines. Still... I'd rather watch an overbloated, sold-out episode of "The Simpsons" instead of a tiny loud mouthed black man who is pissed off that he "had" to host the Oscars.
  6. Do you think Simpsons fans watch the Oscars?
  7. Now that I've got your attention, Whats up with the Simpsons! I'm looking at my TV listings, I guess the brainfucks at FOX feel that "Independance Day" is going to draw better ratings than a new Simpsons episode. Isn't that movie over 10 years old now? Hell, I'll settle for a Simpsons re-run but I guess I'm stuck watching Mohamed Ali battle alians in this piece of crap movie! I'm finally starting to understand why people bash the FOX network. The network has no identity, every show is syndicated. They make really bad decisions with thier few longtime hit shows. No wonder all their shows keep getting cancelled! except "That 70's show"!! Those kids are starting to look a little old to be in high school! Die FOX!
  8. Dude, give it up. They have had a cure for AIDS ever since AIDS has existed. Think about it. What other Virus exists that takes 5-10 years to show any symtoms? Clearly the Virus was designed to infect as many people as possible without them knowing about it. The money is in the treatment of AIDS. Ever notice how scientists are always looking for treatments, ever wonder why they don't bother with vaccines or cures?
  9. http://www.vegasextremeskydiving.com/ This isn't what I think it is? Is it? I've never heard of this DZ and I don't see a listing on DZ.com On the website there is no physical address or local phone number. Is this another "Skyride" fake?
  10. Are they still trying to shut that place down?
  11. Yes, it was 100% preventable. The canopy pilot flipped himself upside down in his harness to get a cool camera angle. His foot got caught in the suspension lines and caused a hard turn. When he chopped his main, his foot was still caught in the suspension lines. His RSL activated his reserve before he could seperate himself from his main which only made things more complicated as you could see in the video.
  12. Kbone


    Prozac? Seems to be the cure all these days. Isn't it wonderful that we live in a society that can solve all of its problems with a trip to the pharmacy. Maybe you should do some research on what Prozac really does to your brain. To put it simply, Anti depressants are like adding NOS (Nitro) to your car engine. You may be living large for a few years but you'll fry your brain in the process. This is your brain on drugs.
  13. Kbone


    I can appreciate the sentiment of your post. However, I really don’t share your positive outlook on life. Not everyone has what you have. It may seem difficult to understand why other people view the world in a negative light. Being positive comes naturally to you. Being critical comes naturally to me. We can’t all be football players and cheerleaders. Don’t tell people how they ought to feel about their lives. If you haven’t walked a mile in someone else’s shoes……you know the rest. Kbone
  14. Anyone seen this video yet? http://www.amador.org/videos/Chris%20Double-Malfunction%2015Jan05.wmv Little more scary than the usual cut away!