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  1. Krl1


  2. Thanks, Jan, for posting that. Those pics are nice, and they are helpful. B
  3. For everyone's information, I received this exact same email in response to my classified. I will ignore any future correspondence from this individual, and now I feel like an idiot for responding to it.
  4. I ordered mine from the Stock List direct from Tony Suit, and the size is 34/34. I wear a 32/33 jean, so I thought I might be ordering the Cargo pants big in the waist and slightly long in length. The waist fit is PERFECT. They may be slightly long, but with the Velcro ankle cuffs it’s not an issue. If anything, I feel the extra length is a good thing in a skydive pant. They seem to be very well made, albeit expensive. I’m happy.
  5. Interesting reminder for me. I dislocated my right shoulder once snowboarding about 20 years ago and then off and on again BMX dirt jumping and bicycle trials riding. It's been at least 10 years since it last happened, and I've always been able to get it back in (rolls off the back), but I really don't want to try that in freefall. Especially with my buddy the pulling arm. Hmmmmm............
  6. Absolutely. Skydiving qualifies as a loud event. I wear earplugs around power tools, airplanes, firearms, and concerts..........anything that's loud (+85dB). Being what is termed by some an audiophile with a two-channel stereo system worth more than some homes, I want to be able to come home after a great day of jumping and enjoy the details of the system. Moreover, I’d like to be doing that when I’m older. I have my hearing tested every two years, and so far, the audiologist tells me I’m doing the right thing. People are generally not diligent about protecting their hearing, and it's a very easy thing to do.
  7. A very good set, indeed. I've said it before, but I like this sport, I like beer, and I like people who like beer. While I wouldn't think of drinking beer prior to jumping, or participating in any other sport for that matter, count me in a'pres. So far, I've supplied the local DZ fridge with (1) 30 pack of beer, and three cases of water. I'm a newbie, and it is summer, after all. Big Sky Blues, B
  8. Congratulations Michelle!! Have fun and fly safe!! B
  9. I will be in Las Vegas this weekend on a short family visit, and I thought I would take the opportunity to spend some time in the wind tunnel before I make my AFF Level II jump. Is there any reason to log the time I spend in the tunnel in my logbook? Any suggestions on what to work on specifically? I realize my second question is a loaded one. Thanks in advance! B
  10. FWIW, Here's my story: I've been literally dreaming of skydiving for years. I'm always by myself in the dream, jumping out over my childhood city and loving the shiz out of it. Two years ago, I'm sitting on a plane going somewhere on vacation, and I read an article in a copy of Robb Report that someone left behind about a skydiving school that allows the choice of some kind of first-time jump where you actually freefall and land by yourself. I tell my wife that sounds way cooler than going tandem, and I would like to do it. About a month ago, we decide to travel to L.A. to basically do nothing but go to Magic Mountain to ride roller coasters and drive around the coast. Two days later, I'm walking by a plasma TV playing The Transporter, and the lead character jumps out of a plane, and I say out loud, "That's it. I can probably skydive in California." I search around the web and discover AFF and Perris. I him and haw a bit, but I sign up. We show up at Perris, and my wife (who couldn't have less interest in the idea) sits in on the ground course. By the end of ground training, we both have a much more focused picture of this endeavor I'd been thinking of for so long. My wife ALMOST goes for a tandem jump (realizing that there is "allot to remember" for AFF), but she decides, at the last minute, "I'm perfectly happy on the ground." The ride up is pretty mellow. I'm fully aware that this is actually the shiz I've been dreaming of, and it's almost surreal. We go, I follow the steps, gag on air pretty good and kick around some, but by 8K I chill out and actually look at the camera and give thumbs up. I lock on at 6K and pull on my own at 5K. Flying under a canopy is exactly like I dreamed. I'm assisted to a great landing via radio. I had no idea jumping would affect me so deeply. I can't stop thinking about it, I practice what I learned everyday, I'm trying to learn all I can about the sport, and I intend on completing AFF. I jumped because I had a choice of going AFF. I now understand the reasons why one would/should go tandem first, but I wouldn't change a thing about my choice. I think the choice is necessary. Big Sky Blues, B
  11. FWIW; my wife has no interest in skydiving, and she is "a little apprehensive" about my interest. However, she sat through my AFF Level I course and almost went tandem. I think she will probably try tandem eventually. We have a great relationship and we are very supportive of one another's interests. It all goes back to the foundation of the relationship. B
  12. Of course my wife thinks it's a good idea to "afford the training first", and I am kind of a gear head, so buying gear, is fun for me. BTW, I love this forum stuff! I appreciate all the input! B
  13. *** sorry. i just got a visual of a guy standing in a plane wearing a protec, gloves, socks, shoes, and underwear saying I'm ready to make a skydive!!! Actually, that's about right, with logbook in handThanks for the input! B
  14. I've made my AFF Level I jump, and I will soon continue AFF Training. I would like to get some of the basic gear I will be using. I own a Protec helmet, gloves, socks, shoes, underwear, but I wondering if it's worthwhile for me to get an Altimeter, goggles, and anything else I will likely buy fairly soon anyway. I bought a logbook................ Brian ***People don't change, they just go places.
  15. Ah, yes. Rockin' good news indeed. I found an instructor locally that can train me through AFF. It looks as though I will be able to learn and jump here after all. I can't get this sport out of my head! Perhaps I'm sick!! B