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  1. freeryde13

    Fear in Skydiving

    all i got was a link to buy things, is this post an ad? cool, i'll post my business on here too.
  2. freeryde13

    Arizona tunnel trip report

    glad you enjoyed it . i feel like i was there....and will be soon. thanks for the intro course .
  3. freeryde13

    Skydive DeLand

    i'm a new diver, 25 jumps when i went there, and think this is the mecca from my limited experience. every one was so nice to me and made me feel so comfortable. i loved the sky van exits. real experienced divers kept inviting me to jump with them in line to the plane and sometimes on the plane. people kept on telling me new shit to try and it was all fun. they efinately follow the 2 most important rles in sky diving. be safe and have fun. no attitudes at all.
  4. freeryde13

    Chambersburg Skydiving Center

    i went there for my first dive, at first they wanted me to do a tandem. after half an hour of convincing i was in class for aff1. the weather was bad that day so the owner opened the airport the next day(monday),hired a pilot, a radio guy, and 2 instructors for me to do my dive. i completed my aff there, driving 4 hours each way each time i went because of how cool they were. the staff go out of there way for me every time i go there. much love to everyone there.