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    Backing up my files on mac

    Just look up hard drive docking stations. If you have an eSATA port, I'd recommend using that, but there are USB versions too. I used one until i bought a drobo recently (another great option). I think mine is a thermaltake brand docking station. Works great. Dave
  14. But for goodness sakes don't pay any attention to recommendations from other places because they don't apply at all! Right? Can you tell me what part of the USPA SIM's recommendations regarding camera jumping that you don't agree with? I mean specifically, not just the 200 jumps part. Local rules aren't always the best sources of information. Skydivers have a tendency to only learn from what they see with their own eyes. After a Vigil misfire at my DZ, they became extremely unpopular. At least one jumper actually switched to a cypres just for the peace of mind. Reading about it on the internet doesn't have quite the same effect. Seatbelts on jump planes is a lesson learned many times in the US. It's rare to find a DZ in the US that's lenient about seatbelt usage. But cross the border and the lesson didn't transfer. Too far from the source? Aside from the fact that you guys fall in the wrong direction, the physics of skydiving is the same everywhere. You don't have to follow rules that don't apply to your location, but don't you think it's important to know they exist? Like "have fun, but just realize what you're doing wouldn't be allowed in ____." I think we'll start seeing more of that when it comes to canopy types and sizes, since the US has no rules on that either. Dave
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    what's next?

    Yup, that's the next step! Well, there are a few different ways to learn to skydive, but taking the AFF course is one of them. Your height may be an issue. Go to your local DZ and chat with the instructors. They'll probably have you try on a rig and see if it can be adjusted to fit. We had to get shorter risers and different toggles installed on one student rig and for a short student because she couldn't reach the toggles with normal risers... and she was quite a bit taller than you. If you are very light, your fallrate might also be an issue for your instructors to deal with. Dave