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  1. Nope. But here's a recent picture of it relaxing in the couch. Dave
  2. If it has to be under 20 years old, you're looking at a 182S. Quick search shows used prices in the $150-200k range. I'm assuming there aren't any being used for skydiving yet, but I don't know. You'll have to make sure jump modifications are even available for it. Probably makes more sense to find an older model in India, but I'm guessing you've already tried.
  3. Examples (with varying degrees of editing)... 16mm: [inline 2016-06-04_skydive_cpi_0420-X2.jpg] [inline 2016-07-02_skydive_jumptown_0712-X2.jpg] [inline 2016-10-16_skydive_cpi_0039-X2.jpg] [inline 2016-08-13_skydive_cpi_0389-X2.jpg] [inline 2017-02-18_skydive_cpi_0468-X3.jpg] 10-18: [inline 2016-09-17_skydive_cpi_0154-X2.jpg] [inline 2016-05-22_skydive_cpi_0462-X2.jpg] [inline 2016-05-28_skydive_cpi_0239-X2.jpg] Dave
  4. I haven't done exhaustive testing, but I find the Sony 16 2.8 to be a little sharper than the much more expensive, much heavier 10-18. I have both and they're both great lenses, but at least in the center, my 16 is noticeably (although slightly) sharper. I like having the 10-18 for occasional very wide shooting, but the 16 is my choice for just about everything. It's a little disappointing considering the price of the 10-18. I have an a5100 and an a6500. Dave
  5. The Ultimate switch works fine with the a5100/6000. I received a bad wire for my Sony and no response from the company, but I was able to track the problem to a bad terminal crimp. I cut the terminals off, stripped the wires, and since I didn't have new terminals I pried them open and crimped them with pliers and soldered them to the wires. Been working fine for a year now. I also bought a cheap wired remote, cut the wires, identified which wire does what, and gave it to a friend to add terminals properly to be prepared when my repair fails. The ultimate switch works great. It's really an off the shelf pressure switch that's available much cheaper, but you'd need to supply your own wires and tubing. I've been using the same ultimate switch for 6 years now with few issues. I've had a few issues with wires going bad or coming loose from the switch, but nothing like the failure rates I was getting with tongue switches. Dave
  6. https://skydivingmovies.org/videos/skydivers. If anyone is interested, here's the info for all videos that were on the old SkydivingMovies.com: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16jZw7ea9WwCwhHAr0xY0UTWZnBfWsunhl9RWD5JTFKU/edit?usp=sharing I can't guarantee I'll upload all of them to the new site, and some are in formats that youtube won't accept, but let me know if there are any specific requests. Dave
  7. No crash... just lost the free hosting. The server is still sitting in my basement, good as new. I have a backup of all the files and the database on another computer... Maybe I'll try to upload some of the gems. Good luck with the new site! Dave
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  10. Looked like this... Probably a little more impressive from the air.
  11. Just look up hard drive docking stations. If you have an eSATA port, I'd recommend using that, but there are USB versions too. I used one until i bought a drobo recently (another great option). I think mine is a thermaltake brand docking station. Works great. Dave
  12. It's one thing to throw a camera on with 100 jumps and try to get some cool video and another thing to train for one purpose with proper guidance. I still don't recommend it. But someone repeating the same jump 10 times a day with mentorship may be ready sooner than someone jumping in a less structured environment. Currency is very important in my opinion. Someone making 100 jumps a year may not be ready for camera flying well past 200 jumps. 100 jumps within the past 12 months is the bare minimum for shooting tandem video according to UPT, regardless of jump numbers. Not sure I've heard your opinion on the subject. Dave
  13. Not saying I'm right and you're wrong... just different opinions. But... I believe the exact opposite of everything you wrote!
  14. I think I've made my point enough times, but here's one more. What's the risk? Is someone going to be hurt in any way by listening to the USPA recommendation (or DSE's personal recommendation)? Don't you think American jumpers with 500 jumps should know they're only half way to qualifying for a tandem rating in NZ? Isn't that good information to have? My recommendation of 200 jumps, which is based on what I've seen (you're not the only one entitled to an opinion), applies even in countries that allow people to jump with cameras at 50 jumps. I'd still tell them they should wait until they have at least 200. In the US I'd tell someone looking to get a coach rating with 100 jumps that they should make another 100 before goign for tha rating. Rules and recommendations don't have to match. Just because something is allowed doesn't make it a good idea. Do you think 50 jumps is enough for a Canadian jumper that makes under 10 jumps a month? Location has nothing to do with it. In the very special case of a "commercial skydiver" making 1000+ jumps a year in a highly controlled environment with close supervision and good mentoring, I have no problem with someone jumping a camera earlier than I'd normally recommend. On the other hand, a hot shot jumper that barely stays current but believes he has enough natural skill to jump a camera at 100 jumps, no way. Dave
  15. That's what I'd suggest! A $700 jumpsuit right now is a joke. A base model bev RW suit is in the $200 range. I got a custom freak n suit freefly suit for $160 or something a few years ago. I'd add booties to the RW suit and a nice big clown nose to go with the freefly suit and you're still under $700. Dave