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  1. There will be an informal gathering to celebrate Robert’s life on Wednesday, June 24th at Alice Hall Community Center from 6pm-8pm in Zephyrhills. (address below). I know Kathy appreciates all the e-mails, texts and visits but this is a tough one so keep them coming! Baxter. Address here:
  2. Hey Al- How's Cali? Here’s what I do for deployment… I symmetrically bring both arms in and keep my legs straight but close the leg wing. This is to decrease the burble and to ensure that your feet and leg wing don’t interfere with the deploying canopy. Then I throw the pilot chute hard and symmetrically into clean air and re-close my arm wings. If I’m low on a w/s base jump I add a couple of screams in for good measure. Seems to help somehow. Baxter.
  3. I jump a 95 Cobalt loaded ~1.7 and love the canopy. I've had it relined once and get very good consistent openings. I do try to take extra care in packing any canopy that I'm jumping with a wingsuit to make sure that everything is neat, clean and even. I am a bit biased with Atair canopies, however, as I love my trolls too! Happy flights! Baxter.
  4. I have a 30mm .05 that I used on my PC-105 which recently died. (Man, those things don’t like to be dropped from bridges do they?!?!? ) I just got a new HC-5 and was wondering about buying a step ring so that I could use the 30mm lens on the new camera. Will this set up cause me problems that I’m unaware of or is it okay? Thanks for the help.
  5. There is going to be a Phoenix-Fly Instructor course this Saturday (6/30) at The Farm in Atlanta. If you're interested, e-mail me (baxter-AT- for more information and see for the prerequisites. Long flights! Baxter.
  6. Hey- I know this is short notice but there is some local interest in a PFI course this Sunday (6/17) at Skydive Ogden in Salt Lake. If you're interested, PM me for more information and see for the prerequisites. Baxter.
  7. ...back to the kitchen bitch and make me a chicken pot pie!
  8. It's incredibly hard being as cool as we are.
  9. There is a nice article in the July issue of Rock & Ice about Hank. One of friends is quoted saying about Hank... "nerves of steel, mind of silly putty"... Pretty good read.
  10. Base733


    Hey Guys- Thanks for the positive comments! The experience was pretty cool and should pay emotional dividends for some time to come. I'm still in Nepal, right now hanging out in Namche Bazzar which is about a days hike from the nearest airport where I'll fly back into Kathmandu. Molly and I should be back in the US by the end of next week assuming we don't get side tracked in Thamel! (626 and Spiderbaby know what I'm talking about here ) On a base related note, I scoped out some sweet big walls in the Khumbu that I'm making plans now to go back and jump. This place is pretty sweet and untapped. Baxter.
  11. Congrats Valery, great jump and inspiring photos! What route did you climb and how was the landing area?
  12. I'm trying to schedule a PFI Course here in Salt Lake City for sometime in this month (March). Please e-mail me at if you're interested. Long flights! Baxter.