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  1. The last time I went I could not because I passed out not long after it started to flow into the bag. (P.S. let me know when you donate again , so that I don't jump with you that weekend) Kate Kate
  2. I totaly agree, with that statement. Kate
  3. Now that video as worth watching. Kate
  4. I know what you mean, the drive to that DZ is almost 2 hours and I made a special effort to get there that weekend. Kate
  5. I have only been to one unfriendly DZ, but it was a slow day so I will go back and give them another chance. Kate
  6. Potabello Veggie Burger with avacado, and tomato, and a fruit salad. I am going vegan for a few weeks, with no refined sugar, dairy, or caffeine. It really has made me feel great and I have lost almost 10 lbs. Kate
  7. I have done it more than once, and when your kids are late for school because of it , it is not fun. Kate
  8. Wow I hope to be even half that healthy at that age. Kate
  9. oh my goodness I just laughed so hard. Having 2 young girls my self I can relate. That really was too cute. I really needed that laugh Kate
  10. 0, 0 , 0 But your pictures are a great inspiration for next weekend. Kate
  11. you were right not much to it. Kate Kate
  12. It was supposed to be back on the first weekend in november but I did not book it early enough so I could not get on the plane. Kate
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I will let you know what if I get anything out of it. Kate Kate
  14. Discovery channel is air the episode about skydiving tonight. 10 pm est. It is an entire hour devoted to it. Kate Kate
  15. thanks for the info. I am glad for the update. Kate Kate