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  1. For the SDC locals... There will be a impromptu memorial service Sunday morning at 8am here at Skydive Chicago. Also SkymonkeyONE your facts on how the incident occured are way off from the actual events. Perhaps SDC will post an official statement later this week.
  2. I was there, saw the whole thing. He was an experienced jumper and Jeff is his name, a big kid at that. He didn't setup his final properly and frapped in on the main taxiway coming off the runway. Eric from manifest jumped on a golf cart and was heading out there before anybody else. Contrary to what was said here, the only person who had their gear off was Jeff. Jeff told Eric that he was sore and wanted to get up, so he helped him up and onto the golf cart. Also Skymedic... The shooing away was not to keep you from helping, it was to keep you from running right in front of the Otter with an open canopy, which was idling on the runway. That we could plain as day from where I was at. They would have been calling an ambulance for you if not the coroner. In situations like these, people get tunnel vision just like first time jumpers and they don't get the full view of what's happening. I was standing outside by the hanger and saw MOST of what happened along with Eric heading out to check on Jeff, so there was no need to crowd the situation. Not to mention the danger of where it was taking place, on the taxiway. I have friends and jump at all 3 Chicago area DZs. Each DZ has their own personality, but I choose to make Skydive Chicago my home and it certainly isn’t because I don’t feel safe there. I said my peace.
  3. Yep, not there for any of them. Sangrio... My machine is running Win 2k pro w/ I.E. 5.5 I know you had issues with them showing up some time ago with certain OS's & browsers, so maybe this will help.
  4. I do like smaller DZs for various reasons, but I love this place. It to me is the Disney World of skydiving. There are all disiplines here with a hot world class freefly crew on board. I'm mostly a belly flier, but these guys are pure poetry in motion. I couldn't say enough good things about this DZ. Great location, secluded on it's own private property like a resort. There's nobody around, but jumpers. If it became a club or association, I'd sign up for a life membership. Thanks for great facilities (that keep getting better) Roger.