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  1. I don't think it matters where you go in the world, skydivers in general are pretty friendly people. I've personally only jumped here in Canada, so I vouch for the Canadian skydivers .
  2. I'm bored at school. wish there was something to do.....
  3. My advice is take the job and jump if possible. IF the DZ is closed during the winter save the money you would have spent jumping and jump twice as much come spring. Taking the winter off of jumping does suck but it won't kill you. I don't jump all winter because of the lack of cash and the cold ass weather. Don't worry, it will be spring before you know it.
  4. People doing their first jump often say "Is it over already?" (when dealing with freefall) , but after a few more jumps you will become more and more aware of what is going on around you in freefall and the time will seem to last much longer. Have fun!
  5. Not to diss S/L but I say AFF all the way. the freefall is the best part of the jump so you might as well get right to it.
  6. I'm sure you will love it! Just remember to relax and enjoy it.
  7. Wait till you get to freefall, then you will wonder how you were ever satsisfied with S/L or IAD. Come on over to ontario and we'll huck you out of the otter at 14,000 ft. which would make a better video.
  8. nice. good luck on getting your A liscense
  9. You want to live with me Omri? It's in St. Catharines ,and is a 1/2 hr drive to Burnaby. Hope to see you back here this season.
  10. I must say that you're right, I really wouldn't want any of those people living in my house. It pisses me off how they act but I guess it's better to see their true colors now and not later. It's allways better to look at the positive side of a situation so "Thanks"
  11. No ,not skydivers. Just people in general....
  12. I'm currently renting out two rooms in my house and I can't believe the mentality of the people interested (well somewhat). I've had at least 8 different people set up a time to look at the place and not show up. I've even asked them to call back if they can't make it but that has not helped. I've also had 3 different people say they want the room and will be back later in the day with a deposit. "please just call if for some reason your not coming back" you would here me say but all 3 neither called nor returned. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Too many assholes out there I guess....
  13. Well, I finally got to jump this weekend, I jumped twice yesterday and once today. Have not jumped since early october so it felt really good to get back in the air. Anyways on the second jump yesterday (close to sunset) I had a bit of funny incident in freefall. As I was doing a front loop my helmet flew right off my head. The adjustable part on the chin strap was a bit loose and just before jump run I believe I theaded the strap threw the clip the wrong way. After I had deployed and was under my main for about 30 sec I actually got to watched my helmet go by. I saw where it landed but it was getting dark so it was picked up the next morning. Bit of damage to it but I think I can fix it. All and all a pretty funny experience.
  14. This is a message to all the skydivers in the Northern U.S. and Canada : It is almost May and the weather is getting nicer..... So it's time to come out of Hybernation and get back in the sky.Time to make up for all that time sitting and thinking about this sport and actually go out and do it.