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  1. isnt it nice they cant even spell krystals name right? i had the chance to meet egon truly for the first time at the cinco de mayo boogie in SC...what an awesome man. As far as krystal, she was my VP of the ERAU Skydiving club the last two years and one hell of a person. She was always doing a million things a minute but if you needed help, shed drop everything for you. The world is at a huge loss without here. To all the families, i will keep everyone in my prayers. Remember to always love for you will never know when there wont be that chance. Attatched is a picture of Krystal and myself after we did a demo jump into ERAU tihs past spring semester "Airborne all the way" EL Cantador Rodriguez
  2. Nancy is one of the best people to deal with when it comes to suits. Each one she develops is a piece of her and she truly makes it that way. She will not stop till you are 110% happy with the way your suit looks and feels in the air. Her tunnel suits are amazing and take away the annoying baggy suits they provide for most freefliers. The swoop pants are amazing comfortable and are awesome for the days you only feel like going to 5,000. Thanks for everything Nancy! - Ouragan Eagles 2004 Collegiate Natioanls Freefly Team
  3. Embry Riddle is prob sending a few freefly and a two or 4way team...either way we will be there to support the college skydiving scene. And btw, no swooping at collegiates, you already got kids with 50 jumps trying to fly headdown and compete in freefly. "Airborne all the way" EL Cantador Rodriguez
  4. Airborne03

    ERAU Skydiving Club

    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University is not only one of the top ranked aerospace engineering schools in the country, but it also produces a large number of our airline pilots. The university sits just four miles from Daytona Beach, one of the world’s most famous beaches - home of Bike Week, Spring Break and even the birthplace of NASCAR. While some ERAU students spend their free time relaxing and soaking up the sun, a select group of students use the beach as a backdrop for their aerial playground. ERAU Skydiving Club offers the ultimate thrill to students, faculty and staff, who wish to participate in a tandem or complete their AFF course and become a licensed skydiver. ERAUSC utilizes the impressive facilities at Skydive Deland, located in Deland, Florida, only 15 minutes from the university. Skydive Deland graciously offers discounts to club members. Within the first three weeks of school this semester (hurricanes permitting), the Skydiving Club has grown to over 40 members. Over a dozen new AFF students have completed their ground school and are ready to start becoming skydivers. ERAUSC’s popularity has grown throughout the local skydiving community over the past year. As a university, ERAU has looked past the negative stereotypes of the sport and now embraces truly what skydiving tries to accomplish. This is evident by the request for demonstration jumps into almost every major event for the university, including ERAU’s homecoming air show and static display this November. This year, ERAUSC has vowed to promote the sport of skydiving to even a larger number of students and expose them to every aspect of the sport. As of now, four separate teams, including three freefly and one female 4-way team are training to compete in Collegiate this year, once again being hosted in Lake Wales, Florida. For these ten college students, classes are spent day dreaming about their next opportunity to jump from a plane, rather than fly one. Unlike most people who compete in the USPA Nationals, many of these students have full time jobs and are full time students. Four of the students are part of the Reserve Officer Tanning Corps program for the Air Force and Army, some are pilots, and even a few are engineering students. One competitor has even been working for NASA for two years. The teams are not sponsored by local skydiving companies or dropzones. Part of what makes Collegiate such a great sport is that most of the competitors did everything in their power to raise money to compete. Very little funding is available through schools or local companies to support such a dream. It is nice to see how dedicated these college skydivers are to our sport.
  5. we are having our college spring break Deland/Daytona Beach March 11, 12, 13th...dont have all the details yet. Last year we had a chopper and some awesome RW and Freefly organizing. I know its early but mark it in ur caldeners! ERAU Skydiving Club 2nd Annual Spring Break Boogie March 11, 12, 13th Skydive Deland Load Organizers: Freefly: Jimmy Tranter and Paxton Vineyard (Freedom of Flight School) RW: Carl Dougherty, Canopy: Scott Millter and the rest of the PD Factory Team "Airborne all the way" EL Cantador Rodriguez
  6. yo college student here from Daytona Beach Florida...(yea its not as great as it sounds...prob better we are closer to Deland then daytona). Im pres of our club so if you have any questions about that let me know. I jumped at skydive AL this summer outside Decatur, worked in huntsville all summer so that was fun. Check out our website for more info... As far as college jumpers go, I find a lot are smart in the classroom but not at the dropzone. I was at collegiates last year and I have seen other jumpers think they are "better" then they are. They attempt more dangerous moves because they see others do it. The truth is, most college students are weekend jumpers, with the exception of a few. They may have 300 jumps, but its over the 4 years of college that they are there. Also they are younger then everyone. They want to be as good as all the older people around the dropzone and its hard to do. I always have to keep reminding myself that I started at 20 yrs old, Im sure a lot of the people around the DZ wish they started that young. Ill get there someday, dont push it! "Airborne all the way" EL Cantador Rodriguez
  7. Well we figured out today what happens on a sunday at a DZ during football season. (well atleast at Deland) Jimmy Tranter carved and attempted a field goal on 4th down and 7 to go. It ended up more like an onsides kick but it made a really good picture! Let me know what you think "Airborne all the way" EL Cantador Rodriguez
  8. krys is right...its 20$ for the boogie...people have been asking me though if its $35 or $45 for the chopper. If you are registered for the boogie it is $35, if you are not, its $45. When you manifest, everyone will be manifested at $45 slots, but then we will refund $10 at the end of the boogie to your account for each jump you have done from the chopper. the chopper is already out at deland so its gonna be here this weekend! boogie starts friday morning! cant wait! "Airborne all the way" EL Cantador Rodriguez
  9. just talked to PD...they will be out hopefully with some DEMOs as well and will have their tent set up. I believe the PD factory team will be there as the new canopy flight school at deland has just started. They will be offering courses all weekend long too! I checked the weather...for you people up north coming down, you will be happy to know the weather lady said 86 on friday...cooling off to a high of 80 on sat and sunday "Airborne all the way" EL Cantador Rodriguez
  10. GREAT NEWS!!! just got off the phone with awsome jennifer from relative workshop....they have given us a certificate for the weekend to give away... 35% off a Container or 25% off options! the prizes keep comming! "Airborne all the way" EL Cantador Rodriguez
  11. this one is for u bob... we dont know what we wer doing on this jump...we all just kinda jumped? i mean we all did, the whole porter decided to do all jump together on the way to altitude photos by jimmy tranter "Airborne all the way" EL Cantador Rodriguez
  12. make sure you come out and jump ours too. i believe they were charging what we were charging...35? i also forgot that we booked some tunnel time saturday night from 12am-1am incase anyone wants it in orlando. let me know and I can get u the time. it would be 10 bucks a minute. u guys know the dril. "Airborne all the way" EL Cantador Rodriguez
  13. congrats on getting yours. i took SDU's coach course back in janurary and i still have to finish it up. it was a bad weather weekend and the instructor hasnt been around our DZ much lately. the main reason I did it is cause im co-president of our skydiving club at college here...there are a lot of newbie right off AFF kids in our club that cant jump with anyone. atleast with a coach rating my DZ sees me as someone who is decent enough to trust with this newbie kids and teach them basic skills. i have yet to recieve money for it but i love what i have been able to do. good luck with ur rating! "Airborne all the way" EL Cantador Rodriguez
  14. Hey everyone...looks like this is the weekend for the boogie. Hope you are all ready to party. Remember night jumps are set for Friday night and possibly saturday. The helicopter will be here saturday and sunday and we will be giving away awesome prizes from Ouragan Suits, Performance Designs, Aerodyne and Relative Workshop. Also bring your appetite! The perfect spot (the restaurant at deland) will be cooking some awesome meals for us both nights! "Airborne all the way" EL Cantador Rodriguez
  15. The club its hard to tell. We have anywhere from 20-70 people at a time. Its still early in the semester so not many people have paid their dues so we dont have an official number yet. As far as other people comming? I have no clue!?!?! If you are comming? Let us know by replying to this so we can make sure we save you enough food and beer! "Airborne all the way" EL Cantador Rodriguez