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  1. spud

    Techno 128

    Does anyone know if the PDF Techno 128 has a maximum weight of 220lbs/100kgs? I see the owners manual has a limit of 65kg-143lbs. Most manufactures have a total all up weight of 220lbs/100kgs. Cheers
  2. Great canopies, I've done about 6000 + jumps on them. They do have a tendency to collapse in turbulence particularly when the TM does a big toggle turn. Diablopilot has said it already: Key tips: 1) NEVER look up at the parachute on final if you experience a collapse. You won't change anything, and you're taking your eyes off the sight picture of your landing. Reacquiring the picture takes too much time on short final and your reactions will suffer. 2) Don't stop flying at the turbulence, fly THROUGH it. Your job is to land the parachute, not worry about where it is now, but rather where it is going to be. 3) Don't over react. Keep the parachute over your head using the minimum amount of control needed to do so. They open great and are really easy to fly once you get used to the over steer when turning. Great Canopy!!! I jump the Jojo wings XF-15 and wont get anything else!
  3. spud


    Has anyone got suggestions for which DVD is the best with animations (body position, turn techniques)!
  4. Has anyone got suggestions for which DVD is the best with animations!
  5. Each cameraman will be doing his own edits.
  6. Just wondering what editing software people are using to edit tandem HD dvds with? We are looking at going HD in the next few months so I`m trying to get an idea what works best, any preferences between PC or Mac? Looking at quick edit times as we have a busy tandem operation. Any advice would be appreciated!
  7. Hi Guys, I`ve just come across the post "I guess you didn't get the DHT union member memo about the rating card & gear burning party over at Skydive Abel Tasman. It's clear that due to the unsafe history of that product and company everyone has decided to use the other guys stuff because it never fails and has never killed anyone! " I can assure you that this is not the case at Skydive Abel Tasman. I`ve done over 5000 tandems on SE rigs and have no problem with the gear, the opinion above is purely that of a rigger in the company. Myself and all the other Tandem JMs are quite happy jumping the dual hawk system. Cheers
  8. Should get my new XF 89 in a couple of day!!! Awesome canopy. Check out http://www.velocitynz.com/
  9. Did about 3000 tandem full time, 363 days a year, xmas day & bad weather days off only! Took a year off, loving it now!
  10. Have done about 3500 tandems on the H.O.P 330, it`s a great canopy. Turbulence can still be an issue. I take myself of loads if I`m not happy with the conditions. Great for no wind landings!!
  11. spud

    RSL on Tandems

    Had 7 tandem cutaways, we have RSL`s on our rigs, I disconnect them on every jump. Definitely not a fan.
  12. spud


    Had a Jedei 105, got a Samurai 105. Great canopy from opening to landing. Has got me back from some really long spots while others have landed off. Cant wait to see what Brian has up next.
  13. Did 1800 tandems between 2006 and 2007.
  14. Was doing a tandem and wearing my full face with visor, on opening visor was shattered by a riser!!