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  1. levy

    A Guide To Traveling With Your Gear

    i will call the airlines and ask if it is o k to bring parachute gear as carry on first before i but tickets, good article and Kynan is right arrive a little early just in case
  2. levy

    Skydiver's Anonymous

    nice job on your article, i enjoyed it. i am a weekend jumper who started in 1984 and i always thought i had the best of both worlds. i have a career that i like and was able to raise a son. work all week and jump on the weekends, what else is there in life right? well i dont own a home [ i rent] and i dont have the money to retire so i think i will work until i drop. but these are the choices i have made and if i had to do it all over again i would not change a thing. skydiving and the people in it are the best people in the world. i feel blessed to have been given the life i got, skydivers know why the birds sing. blue sky s
  3. i would like to be # 555 if it s not taken yet right on dudes
  4. levy

    Naming your canopy

    best name i heard was seven cell deathstar
  5. levy

    The Power of the Flare

  6. levy

    Pat Works

    BSBD, he will be missed
  7. thanks for the invite. nice to hear your jumping in paso again. its been a long time coming. blue skies!!
  8. levy

    Little Bob Norman

    I remember BoB. Great pilot and great guy
  9. levy

    I did my 1100th jump

    congrate on 1100 jumps!! my buddy hooked his up backwards by mistake. we still tease him about it. I have about 1090 jumps now. blue skies my friend. mike levanduski.
  10. any jumping in paso robles this summer? i heard rumors