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  1. I have a regular PD 176 in My W-13. It's a firm fit, but it goes in fine and looks good. An Optimum 176 would easily fit in a W-13. I would think that an Optimum 193 would be on the verge of being too big to fit into the container.
  2. Interesting. Did you also convert your paper certs when you had both to the plastic? Are they on the same card? I'm not sure what you mean by convert my paper certificates. I had paper, then I requested that I get the certificate number changed so that it wasn't my SS#. When they sent the replacements, they were the plastic cards. The pilot license and rigger license are different certificates on 2 different cards, but they both have the same certificate number.
  3. Mine aren't. I got the plastic for my pilot's license (and the new "Non-SS#") in June 09, and my rigger cert in May 09 and they both have the same number. I hadn't updated my pilot's cert to plastic (and the new number) until I got my rigger's cert. My pilot certificate and my rigger certificate have the same number also.
  4. I don't like it either. I've had my certificates for many years, and it looks like I just got everything a couple months ago.
  5. I just changed from paper certificates to plastic and changed my licence number from my SS# to a differnt number in August. I have a pilot certificate and a rigger certificate. When I got both certificates back, both had August dates. I passed the practical test for powered parachute in June. It took 4 months to get that from the FAA. I received a new pilot license with that endorsment on it. That license replaced the one I just got and it had a June date on it(The date on the powered parachute application). So it seems every time there's a change or update on your certificate the issue date is updated.
  6. Let me see if I understand what you said. You find the best rigger you can. Somone you totally trust. When they refuse to pack your rig, you take it to someone else who will pack it. Is that right? Do you still take your primary rig to rigger #1?
  7. The reason lawyer bashing is so easy is because everything negative said about them is true. Shame shame, lawyer man. Personal attacks are a no no here.
  8. Sounds like legal advise. Lawyers: If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Maybe the OP should just contact the guy he bought it from instead of clogging the already inept, so called justice system more than it already is.
  9. No, I don't need a water camera. It was an accidental swimming pool landing inside a building. Won't happen again...probably...
  10. I 'm looking for recommendations on a video camera to purchase for BASE jumping. I had a small Panasonic, but apparently it didn't like the water very much. I'm looking for something fairly small and light and I will be using it as a top mount. It doesn't necessarily have to be top of the line, but I'd like it to be pretty nice. If you have any suggestions and reasons why you like a particular model, I'd love to hear them. Thanks.
  11. Maybe you should go out and try to get laid??
  12. Whatever you do, don't drop your camera
  13. PM me. I lost your e-mail addresses.