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  1. I think you'll find that the industry effort is directed at fixing the "rapid charging is bad for batteries" problem instead of the swapping problem.
  2. chedlin

    Can't believe they didn't bring BASE rigs

    Just watching that video is more uncomfortable than my first AFF exit. This completely triggers my fear of heights, they are nuts.
  3. chedlin

    AT&T or Verizon?

    Coverage varies regionally. In Texas AT&T has much better rural coverage than Verizon (The coverage maps seem pretty accurate for both). Verizon has better coverage nationally, but I would spend a few days a year in dead spots with them, and my AT&T service always works.
  4. chedlin

    Mom loses three kids in Centralia, WA house fire

    I lost one 10 year old nephew a few years ago. My Sister in law didn't need space, she needed as much love and support as the family could offer. I cannot imagine the pain your family is going through. My deepest condolences. Now to go check my smoke detectors again... My house has 9 ionic that are interconnected to alert us, 3 more photoelectric and 2 thermal sensors connected to a monitored alarm. I usually think it's excessive, but now, not so much.
  5. I got my rig repacked after it sat a while. I mentioned to my rigger/instructor that was about to do my recurrency jump that I was going to do my 3 ring maintenance and was told she had just completed it as part of the repack. Perhaps I should have thought to have the discussion, but at least I was on the side of caution. The poll didn't offer enough choices. I' probably do it every 45-60 days, so more than once or twice a season, but not every 30 days.
  6. My understanding would also be that mileage to and from would never be deductible unless it was to someplace other than your home DZ. I am not an accountant or lawyer, so their advice should be considered.
  7. chedlin

    How many spaces do you put after a period?

    I have read that one is correct, but I learned two and am making no effort to change. It's just reflex now. At least when I have a real keyboard and I'm not on my phone.
  8. chedlin

    Broke my butt

    I bruised mine on a bad landing (A wind gust knocked me over on top of a late flare), it took about 6 weeks to stop hurting, so I know it was bruised and not broken (takes a year or more!) I didn't seek medical attention, but seriously considered it. Everything I read said that they don't do much to treat it if it's fractured.
  9. Andy is the lawyer, not me, but I think you would have to go after them for the ENTIRE damages, not just the uninsured losses. Your insurance company probably has dibs on any partial settlement.
  10. The cop isn't a judge, and the criminal standards for a ticket are higher than civil. The lack of a ticket shouldn't prevent you and your insurance company from pursuing further relief from the offending party. But it might be that the legal costs and uncertainty are too high without any proof.
  11. chedlin

    Dealing with a collection agenncy

    It would almost certainly be a can of worms. If nothing else, you can't negotiation a delete if there is nothing to delete, and it could easily show back up as paid. And for everyone complaining about FAKO scores. My experience is that they do track very closely, and they can at least let you see when something goes wrong.
  12. chedlin

    Dealing with a collection agenncy

    I hope you didn't tell them you were trying to buy a house/land. If not you hold a lot of power. Go to for a lot more insight, but most collection agencies have very little capability to collect a debt from a well informed consumer. But you were right to ask for it in writing. You can't trust anything they say. But despite what the rules say, negotiating "pay for delete" IS POSSIBLE. Up the offer to 100%, but only if they will put it in writing and delete the tradeline from your report. If they won't put it in writing, imply they will not see one dime.
  13. chedlin

    Skydiving is inherently dangerous

    A good friend and I did a statistical comparison of motorcycles, cars, and jumping. We were trying to figure out which of us was more crazy (He commutes by motorcycle every day, good weather, bad, etc). Clearly there are many ways in which we can affect our own safety in all three activities but it was very interesting. It came out to 1 jump = 38 miles by motorcycle or about 400 miles by car. If you only do one jump and and drive to the DZ on a motorcycle the commute may actually be more dangerous. The per jump fatality rate is deceptive. Most sports get their fatalities divided by the number of participants. The USPA reports this, but people tend to look at the per jump numbers.
  14. Is there any chance they were trying to communicate a different meaning? As in you might die young and Skydive while you can, at West Side Skydivers? I agree that it comes across the way you say, but it seems that it's possible that wasn't intended. You shouldn't try to market tandem skydives by talking about danger at ANY dropzone.
  15. chedlin

    AT&T or Sprint?

    You need to talk to people in the area you're going to be using your phone. Here AT&T has by far the best coverage (including being the only carrier at my mother in laws house), and Verizon is really good in urban areas. If I go to New York City I'm hating AT&T because they suck! For best all around, it's probably still Verizon. Sprint is a good way to get real unlimited, so they have that going for them. As it stands I want a family plan and the phone has to work at the MIL's house.