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  1. I was there. It was my first Boogie, with less than 100 jumps. Changed my direction in life! Scotty was defiantly one of a kind. Got to know him better and enjoy his antics while jumping with him at Pope Valley, on the Super Bowl XIV jumps in 1979. AAP
  2. lay off your rubbish. Ed scott is a great guy and has a job to do, and he did (and does) it well. and to everyone else that enjoys the "Why are we in USPA and what good are they": If you would can go it alone and petition the FAA to be recognized when you decide that you can form your own 'better' sport skydiving organization. One that will have no members because you hold everyone 'accountable' for their actions, and therefore drive away your base. If you would prefer 'teeth in what USPA does, then perhaps you can then petition the FAA to add the BSRs to their list of FARs so that government inspectors can show up and not only suspend your rating, but impose civil and criminal penalties based on those rules that you demanded be enforced. I am sure it would be so convenient in this new organization with 'teeth', whether it be your 'utopian USPA' or a local FSDO inspector to come out and remind you as a Tandem Instructor how your drogue on your tandem rig should be maintained and whether or not they like the stitch pattern on that repair, and then ground your system because the way they see it from the book, you are doing it wrong. Because maintaining your USPA ratings only costs $55/year or whatever it is. But for most, maintaining your FAA certifications costs HUNDREDS of dollars or more per year. What do you get for your membership? The single most important event that happened financially for your membership was a successful bid by USPA to shut down a federal excise tax on aviation that would have jacked your jump ticket by 10% in the 1990's. That single event alone would have cost everyone 10% more every jump.....figure it out how much that would have cost you and now, figure out your membership costs and get back to me. They battled the Sales Tax issue for tandems along side a couple of dropzones, ours included and together we successfully used a federal law to rule against any state or county level taxation on ANY skydive. So sure, go it alone. You take on the federal government and let me know how that works out. I choose the organization that helps develop standards over having non-standards. I choose to have representation and partnership in government matters than NOT having said representation. And most of all, if you do not like it, then get elected and change it. +1 +1 AAP
  3. Miklos Talyak - a long time skydiver here at SkyDance SkyDiving will make his final skydive tomorrow afternoon, 10/24/15. Miklos past away in his sleep a few weeks ago. Miklos was a colorful character at the DZ for many years. He was a Hungarian freedom fighter, the 1st Hungarian to skydive at the North Pole and made a number of 30,000' HALO jumps at SkyDance. A loved character everywhere he went. He was adopted by the USA Golden Knights at the US Nationals one year in Skydive AZ. There he competed in Accuracy and was made a member of the Golden Knights 10 Way team, coming home with a Gold Medal. AAP
  4. For every "fun" jumper that thinks its cool, there's one that hates the airplane ride. And unless you are a owner/operator you typically have no clue what gyros & instruments cost. You want to do aerobatics, buy your own airplane! AAP
  5. I just spoke to the DZO. Evidently this guy (jclalor) has not jumped at this DZ in a couple of years. I've messaged jclalor to confirm dates. Several years ago a pilot did barrel rolls in another PAC (not mine). That pilot was grounded at our DZ because he couldn't fly and was untrainable (IMHO). I informed the owner of that PAC at that time. If this is an old story, why post it like its new news? What's the agenda? If this did happen, please confirm date and place - anyone? My plane is flying at this DZ now. And I have a zero tolerance policy against "Pilot Antics". You can contact me at [email protected] AAP
  6. ***My favorite is when one BOD DZO tried to deny nearby airport access to another BOD DZO. How many folks remember the BOD member that was impeached? According to USPA by-laws he was to be removed from office. Instead he was impeached behind closed doors and got a hand slap - behind closed doors. Bet that really hurt! This is the same kind of gig. AAP
  7. SkyDance SkyDiving (Davis, CA) has Camping, Bath house, wifi and a swoop land. AAP
  8. Pull your reserve ripcord. RSL is now disconnected. AAP
  9. It is (or should be) common knowledge that there are a number of ways to measure sq. Footage. If you follow the PIA standard, PD canopies are approximately 15% bigger than the name. This is why they pack bigger - because they are. AAP
  10. Simple "T" mod. Can be installed with very little sewing or hand tacking. AAP
  11. Riggers do not certify future airworthiness. All we do is certify airworthiness at the time of packing. Mark that means for the next 180 days. Aka the (short term) future. Like it or not, that's how it is. @ 181 days your'e in the clear. But you already know that Actually when you sign and seal the rig you are certifying that it is airworthy at that moment. Once you return it to the owner, you have no control over it. So if someone cuts the harness or pokes a hole in the container / canopy, its on the user not the rigger. AAP
  12. Attached is the FAA ruling on supposed life limits. I recommend you print this out and present to your rigger. If you rigger in unwilling to do his job - insect, repack and recertify a parachute, you might suggest that he / she change occupations. Then find yourself a new rigger! Thanks goes to USPA for following through with this, for its members. AAP
  13. In Response to: RIGGER The post is: Would you grounded this h/c ??? ------------------------------------------------------ The rigger that made this mistake (closing loop not through the cutter) went through retraining after this incident, then decided to quit rigging. So the problem was address and handled. The jumper wanted an inexpensive rig, which is what he received. As far as the equipment was concerned, it was completely airworthy. The rig owner was not allowed to jump this rig in Israel. I ended up refunding the owner his $ for the H&C, reserve and Vigil AAD (because RIGGER would not allow Vigils on his DZ). I provided him with another H&C and sold him a PD reserve and CYPRES at cost to help him out, so he could jump in Israel. Trying to justify your BS by diverting attention to a what - 4 or 6 year old incident is lame. But it may work for the uninformed. Good luck. AAP
  14. OK, let me be clear. The question "would you ground this canopy" was "tongue in cheek". At least a few of you get it. It's basically a few pin pricks on a main canopy. It's completely air worthy. Anyone that would try to ground this canopy is either nuts or has an ulterior motive. It's a main canopy! AAP
  15. Does it have nicks like this all over the canopy or something? Quote Negative. The 3 that I took photos of only. AAP