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  1. Do it. Personally I would be delighted to hear that you did a tandem with me and now you're a qualified skydiver.
  2. Westerly, If you believe this then I think that you are a little out of touch with reality! Professionals are not always right. We all need to embrace the future. Sadly I think that the short term future is small screen, portrait and handheld. Who knows what the long term future will bring.
  3. http://www.sony.se/electronics/handycam-videokameror-andra-tillbehor/vmc-avm1
  4. Yes, it will work - i use an original hypeye and CX410. But do note that you can get that adapter cheaper from Sony. Look up VMC-AVM1 on your home sony website.
  5. Check your jack plug. I found that the jack plug had come out of the plug port once as I climbed out on exit causing the camera to lock up. I made a camera condom that encloses the camera and the plug and never had the same issue again. If you are having the issue on a change of orientation - say on climb out or transitioning from flat to head-down or head up on deployment, the change of airflow over the helmet might be pulling the plug out of the port.
  6. I get this all the time. I'm hoping soon that trunk will produce a basic Hypeye that just turns the camera on, starts recording and stops recording. While everything else the hypeye does is good, ultimately I find it totally useless. I'd swap my current hypeye straight away if one of these came out.
  7. Great idea. How can you see the Hypeye when the video is top mounted?
  8. This is exactly how i've done it, Gus may have done something different. It's quite easy to modify the Ricoh remote switch (CA-1) and add a tongue switch. I find the battery in the switch will last each day no problem. I have rechargeables and switch them over each morning. I have never had one fail doing this but have a spare in my jump suit and test it on the climb just in case.
  9. At the risk of not being very helpful I'm afraid it's not a camera that you can use with a generic setting. Even though it's a compact camera, for the best results set the camera to manual and so the settings will change with the conditions. It can be used in the fully automatic mode and also has a sports mode until you can try and learn something about the settings from the other camera flyers but you'll have quite a few pictures that are shaky. It can be set up in manual almost exactly the same as a DSLR so why not start off by copying the settings of the other camera flyers on the load. The Ricoh CX1 or CX2 are better options for the technically challenged camera flyer as they only have limited settings to change. The lens is a bit narrower at 28mm rather than 24mm so you have to fly a bit further away. I've been using the CX1 all season, even after the GX100 came back from repair.
  10. I had bad fogging on the .3 and .5 Raynox. Pretty much every jump. I honestly couldn't see much difference with the .3 it didn't seem that much wider than the .5. The .5 though can be fitted with a filter though and ever since i have had no issues at all. I'd suggest go .5 if going raynox and add a filter.
  11. It is curious how we're having the same issues Tom. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3580014;search_string=corrupt%20files;#3580014 CX6 and CX7, D port / Hypeye issues and corrupt files? It does seem a curious coincidence. However, I have never had this problem again after making sure the memory cards were 'genuine sony' and also I am now very anal about formatting the cards instead of just deleting the content. For what it's worth I am now having similar problems with the SD cards in my stills so have taken to formatting them instead of just deleting. Sorry you had to learn the hard way. I hope they weren't once in a lifetime jumps you lost. New cameras - new issues.
  12. Received today. Thanks for your help and outstanding service. Lets hope it fixes it. Either way I appreciate your help trying to resolve this issue.