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  1. I've saved these since 1980, at one time my most valued possession, now just weight and taking up space. Reality suggests I will never have the time or desire to go back and look at any of them. What have some of you seasoned jumpers done to lighten the load? Recycle, garbage (gasp), DZ bonfire? Kind of sad really, filed by years with place markers and notes sticking out. Hardly remember how I used to live to get them every month.
  2. Excellent observation madjohn. New management appears to lack tradition. See ya at the Prairie.
  3. Nice post. He's one of my heroes as well. Rob H - Idaho
  4. Congrats on a successful tandem career. Impressive.
  5. Steve will be greatly missed. Whether fixing fence or jumping with someone just of student status, you could always count on his willingness to help. What a friend!
  6. Airtime1 Amazon Bob Moore Dr. Dive Grannyinthesky Grimmie Happychick Kdub Ladydyver Lucky Markus (Little Spoon) monkycndo NDFallrate NWFlyer Olympia Sheepfucker Shell666 Skootz Tall Guy
  7. When I was jumping a T-10 they were very small. In fact, when I was learning to spot I couldn't even see the pit it was so small. Jumping a PC, the pea pit got a little bigger. About the time I started jumping a Strato Cloud they started making the pit much bigger.
  8. Approx. 26 jumps from a Pitts S2B. Approx. 6 tail strikes. After the last one, while signing airshow programs for the kids, one kid mentioned the red spot on my leather helmet was getting bigger. The local "Doc in the Box" provided 11 stitches for the trip home. When ever the pilot wanted to practice the airshow routine I told him I already knew how to fall out of an airplane. If he wanted to practice something he needed to go make a skydive in the event I take off the tail sometime. Enjoyed the slower Stearman much more. Especially doing a loop with the non-inverted fuel system. I preferred to not drop off at the top of the loop until the engine sputtered and the pilots eyes started getting big. Much easier in the Stearman with that big hand hold on the top wing to hang from. Had to exit the Pitts from a position crouched in the seat facing the tail. I am no longer young and stupid - I'm now old. RobH
  9. You are so right, what was I thinking? MadJohn hadn't gotten out of bed yet. I rightfully stand corrected. RobH
  10. Good job John. The ultimate in "watching out for one another". Jeff has always been my hero and now I'm adding you to the list, sorry Jeff, move over. As MadJohn said on the PA at the boogie "when you see John, shake his hand and say thanks". RobH
  11. Pissed Off, Patience, and Recovery - it's a process. One day at a time and on some days one moment at a time. From what I've heard of you, your up to the challange and will make a remarkable recover. Take your time, the skys not going anywhere. RobH
  12. Today I make my students do all those, but from the tailgate of the pickup rather than the cab....ahh, the pussification of skydiving. Blues, Dave When I first started hanging out with the "after jump" crowd I was told that "real" skydivers practiced their PLFs off the roof of the local bar. After proving myself, I also quickly discovered how pissed off the owner gets with people on his roof. It was a few months later when I truly became a "real" skydiver by getting my first DUI. Ah, the good ole days. RobH
  13. I loved being on the tail of a "tarantula" exit. Sqatted down with inside leg strap grips on the person in front, on "g' of "go", hop slightly straight up and find yourself out the door.