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  1. HI I attached a picture of my plate. As far as i know the screw is a 3/8" with flat head and whitworth Thank you very much ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  2. YES the screw that atach the camera to the mount ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  3. Hi... i lost my screw from my Manfrotto mount i search for 2 weeks and i cant find one. If anyone in this big world can help me with a shop/contact/person who make/sale them i`ll be more than happy P.S. i contacted Manfrotto company but the delivery time is 2 MONTH ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  4. Wow, very nice. The shot "thomas500th-Kopie.jpg " could be a contest winner. if i remember well that picture was a Photo finish in the PARACHUTIST last year amazing pics ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  5. nice job dude i think you are the only american who heard/use "anathema" or "porcupine tree for skydiving movies... nice one ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  6. ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  7. thanks for that i didnt know about it it apply even if the idee is like a "trailer" thanks ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  8. a short movie... my first jumps with the camera.... any comments are more than welcome thanks ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  9. hope to see you guys in Lillo good luck to everyone in 2008 ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  10. hi if u want to film in both enviroments a good skydiving helmet will work fine on the slopes too if you want protection... than the only solution (i think) is to have a good snowboard helmet with a bullet cam mounted on it as other guys already said... skydiving/camera helmets dont offer to much protection about the rulez... on my DZ for example... if u have a box u can fly it without camera in... if you hava a L bracket u CANT fly without the camera in ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  11. thanks for the reply my question was more about "ethiquete" than legal stuff... with legal stuff is pretty simple... if it`s a public event where is no need for special permison to take pictures i can take and publish... it`s about ethiquete... do you guys ask (or inform) the subject before publish? thank you ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  12. excelent job.... congrats one question for u guys i have to ask for permison (of the subject) to publish a photo if it`s not a public event? if it`s a public event it`s clear... we dont have to... but if not? thank you and congrats for the shot and work again ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  13. perfect thanks for sharing ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  14. from PD blog World Cup 07 Results Here's the top slots(unofficial). It literally came down to the last round to decide these places. 1st-Jay Moledsky- Canada 2nd Jonathan Tagle- USA 3rd Ian Bobo- USA 4th Brian McNenny- USA 5th Isaiah McCauliffe- USA 6th Shannon Pilcher- USA 7th Pablo Hernandez- Spain congrats to all and speacialy for Pablo (first european in this competition) ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"