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  1. shunkka

    wide angle lens-rebel xt?

    i`ll go with 15mm FISHEYE from canon if the 10-22(it`s actualy the 10-20 from sigma this one is much heavier (465g and the canon 300) than the one from canon the 15 is more than enough for normal tandem shots (even close shots... docked on the pasanger or instructor)
  2. Congrats to Pablo Hernandez... After Spanish championship and open now he wins the german open too.
  3. shunkka

    Building a BASE park?

    do you think BASE is a rollercoaster thing?
  4. shunkka

    which benefits BASE more? youTube or The List?

    the jumpers choose to be on youtube... the jumpers are choosed to be on the list... this is the only difference
  5. shunkka

    Unknown swedes

    here they are;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  6. shunkka

    New PF Tracking Suit

    any recomandation (number of jumps/skills) before jumping it? any training recomandation before flying it? edit to add...i talk about skydiving enviroment ofcourse
  7. shunkka

  8. shunkka

    Amsterdam june 18th & 19th a list of hostels in amsterdam
  9. hellow jerry shunkka (from romania..) kick ass pics dude that canopy looks familiar
  10. shunkka

    Cruiselite 220

    try with the search button some post about the same question;search_string=Cruiselite%20;#945231
  11. shunkka

    What is missing in this picture?

    chminey? where it is?
  12. shunkka

    First BASE Rig?

    at the top of the main page (in the base forum) are some very good articles one of them is "my first base rig" by tom aiello
  13. as far as i know the DZ near Budapest is CLOSED all the jumpers go to SLOVAK REPUBLIC they run a L410 turbolet - 17-20 slots (12-15 mins to 12K) u can call this numbers for any new infos about jumping near budapest Takács Kriszti: +36 (70) 311 2273 - in english Bódis László +36 (70) 311 2272 if u want to travel a litle u can go to Romania - they run a SMG-turbolet with 8 slots (12 mins to 12K) at 15 euros (probably the best price in europe... except russia) they have student and other gear for rent at 5 euro in germany u`ll find a LOT of good DZ`s but i dont know what`s close to heidelberg
  14. shunkka

    Total Air

    i jumped there and had a lot of fun speedy aircraft (12 mins to 4000m) nice stuff, very good prices and a very very HUGE landing area (with grass) probably the best deal u can get in romania and eastern europe ah... and the cameraflyer girl smiles all the day
  15. shunkka

    SC Regional Air Services Tuzla

    the landscape is amazing jumping over the black sea is an amazing experience if u are in the zone... u have to jump there