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  1. HI I attached a picture of my plate. As far as i know the screw is a 3/8" with flat head and whitworth Thank you very much ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  2. YES the screw that atach the camera to the mount ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  3. Hi... i lost my screw from my Manfrotto mount i search for 2 weeks and i cant find one. If anyone in this big world can help me with a shop/contact/person who make/sale them i`ll be more than happy P.S. i contacted Manfrotto company but the delivery time is 2 MONTH ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  4. Wow, very nice. The shot "thomas500th-Kopie.jpg " could be a contest winner. if i remember well that picture was a Photo finish in the PARACHUTIST last year amazing pics ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  5. nice job dude i think you are the only american who heard/use "anathema" or "porcupine tree for skydiving movies... nice one ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  6. ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  7. thanks for that i didnt know about it it apply even if the idee is like a "trailer" thanks ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  8. a short movie... my first jumps with the camera.... any comments are more than welcome thanks ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  9. hope to see you guys in Lillo good luck to everyone in 2008 ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  10. hi if u want to film in both enviroments a good skydiving helmet will work fine on the slopes too if you want protection... than the only solution (i think) is to have a good snowboard helmet with a bullet cam mounted on it as other guys already said... skydiving/camera helmets dont offer to much protection about the rulez... on my DZ for example... if u have a box u can fly it without camera in... if you hava a L bracket u CANT fly without the camera in ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  11. thanks for the reply my question was more about "ethiquete" than legal stuff... with legal stuff is pretty simple... if it`s a public event where is no need for special permison to take pictures i can take and publish... it`s about ethiquete... do you guys ask (or inform) the subject before publish? thank you ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  12. excelent job.... congrats one question for u guys i have to ask for permison (of the subject) to publish a photo if it`s not a public event? if it`s a public event it`s clear... we dont have to... but if not? thank you and congrats for the shot and work again ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  13. perfect thanks for sharing ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  14. from PD blog World Cup 07 Results Here's the top slots(unofficial). It literally came down to the last round to decide these places. 1st-Jay Moledsky- Canada 2nd Jonathan Tagle- USA 3rd Ian Bobo- USA 4th Brian McNenny- USA 5th Isaiah McCauliffe- USA 6th Shannon Pilcher- USA 7th Pablo Hernandez- Spain congrats to all and speacialy for Pablo (first european in this competition) ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  15. hi morris... good luck in competition man... and hope to see you soon in Lillo take care out there and say hello to pablo and co ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  16. strange question as a packer i never packed for free so why should i work for free... BUT as a photographer i never charge for coworkers but if itºs a really good one (maybe can be published in magazines) i give them only a print or a low resolution copy. ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  17. hy as i said before from my point of view it NOT REASON to buy anything else than the normak kit (18-55 lens) as a BEGINER.. the extra money u can spend on a photography course or if you want to jump stills u can spend on a camera flying course ofcourse better lens means better quality but in the begining you`ll be more than happy with the kit lens if you start to jump it i think (maybe the good aerial photographers here think different) a fixed lens (fast) is the best choice ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  18. sad condoleances to family and friends ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  19. not the best customer service in the world but very good helmets ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  20. i`ll go with 15mm FISHEYE from canon if the 10-22(it`s actualy the 10-20 from sigma this one is much heavier (465g and the canon 300) than the one from canon the 15 is more than enough for normal tandem shots (even close shots... docked on the pasanger or instructor) ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  21. very good work... what lens you use for wingsuit shots? ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  22. i had an accident because of alchool... i dont drink (in the last 13 years) i buy beer for other ppl i change the beer with a soda (water) when others pay beer skydiving can be mixed with nondrinkers ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  23. sorry... i cant send them in full resolution beacause of some exclusivity rights i gave to some magazines now back to the subject the origianl kit (18-55 lens) is enough for normal landing pictures u have to think the subject will not have a lot of speed (u say it`s not swooping) so u can use the normal sport mode on autofocus till you`ll start to move to tv or manual mode and manual focus... ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"
  24. the OP said it will not be used in freefall... some examples of pictures i made with canon Xt with 18-55 lens. ------------------------- "jump, have fun, pull"