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  1. Nice guys. Tunnel tube jump, wow, I wanna do that! :-)
  2. Spizzzarko. What about a Nissan Micra?? Check it out. Best car in the world
  3. Want to join next years EST event at the norwegian Ekstremsportsveko ? Well check out this video from the Extremesportsweek at Voss. It just a lot of fun, a week long party and an EST round....
  4. Congratulations guys! Way to go Spaceland Anomaly. Ok speed round...
  5. Mathyaz

    Compulsory Moves

    You find all the competition rules for the artistic events here:
  6. Ha,ha. Hey skyjuggler I liked the atmosphere as well, even with the Bad Lieutenants there. Strange thing. The tracking dive with 25 people out of the MI8 helicopter was kind of cool. I don't think this is the right place to ask about how you have my trousers James. I mean you know just as well as I.
  7. Great vibe during the whole competition, and for me making the fun jumps with the other competitors after the end of the competition made the whole World Cup perfect. Cool to see the freerounds of all the teams, and see how everyone are pushing the limits. We are practicing our golden move for next year now. It involves a cameraflyer under canopy and two performers with no rigs. Need I say more! Thanks for the kind words Andy.
  8. Or check out the norwegian team Helix homepage. Check out the daily shows The final scores are ready! France won, Outbreak UK second and Skywalkers Norway third! It was a tight race at the end and a super good competition. Now it's time to celebrate! Yeah!!!
  9. The world cup in artistic events in Russia is almost finished and there has been some super good flying here! In the top France yet again show that they for sure can fly, super nice freeround and solid and fast speed rounds. Impressive! Outbreak from the UK are flying super nice with a really strong, solid and super nice freeround. Outbreaks speedrounds has been very impressive and they are fighting for gold! Go Outbreak! Tora Tora from Holland, the newcomers this year. Super impressive freeroutine, nice flow, lots of beautiful tunnel moves mixed with some really good and nice tracking moves. Skywalkers from Norway are hanging in as well.... All the way from South America the Venezuelan team brought their freeroutine with clean precise nice flying. Israel, Switzerland, Russia and all the other teams are making this a really good meet. So two more jumps to go now, lets see how the final standing will be! Its really close between the top four, and it's going to be a battle for the 1'st and 3'rd place between them.
  10. A few teams has arrived already to Stupino. The weather is nice, the facilities at the dropzone is excelant as always, the dz staff is super friendly and the plaines are going! So looks likes this World Cup is going to be a hammer. Hammertime!
  11. And get in Outbreak!!! We need to do a jump together before or after the competition Andy. Helix, the second norwegian ff-team, also have the same suits and colors as we do..... haha. Looking forward to some russian action and the world cup. Heard that four teams from the UK will be representing. ???
  12. Two freefly teams from Norway will be there! Russia here we come.
  13. Congratulations!! Super job, cool to see that a norwegian freeflyer was in it as well. Derek is on the norwegian national 4-way belly team, Arcteryx, and is a fairly good freeflyer as well. Jævlig bra Derek!
  14. Suuper nice flying, love the free routines. Just watched a DV tape with some footage from the freeflying. Amazing! THAT is flying!