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  1. Here's another scam from Eugene37, trying to scam me out of my container. Eugene37 needs to be very careful who he scams in the future. Scam the wrong person and they might come after him with, say, an Axe... flycurt Eugene white Mar 3 at 5:05 AM To Curt Swanson Message body Thanks for your response I don't have pay pal account the payment we issue by check kindly bear with me because we just relocate to PUERTO RICO due to nature of my work, I have reputable shipping company that will handle the pick up when you receive the check and cleared in your account you can get back to me with your name,address and cell phone. looking forward to read from you soon.
  2. Excellent suit, a few people have them at my DZ. They said they received quick service, thought the suit was of great quality, flew nicely and good customer service. From my inspection the suit appears to be built very well. I don't have one yet, but that will be my next suit.
  3. BASE! Thanks to everyone on the dive you all kicked ass!. It was a great experience and a helluva good time. Special thanks to Brandon Chouinard and Jon McCollum for the event organizing, it had a great Vibe! And I really appreciated not being a beer drinking loser! Jager-bombs will kick your ass, ka-boom!
  4. flycurt


    Excellent, I don't have any of my video right now, not in the country but I'll put some up when I get back as well. SkydivingMovies is a great site. I put some FF up there not too long ago, it was relatively easy to do. Definately try the tracking techique, I was at Summer/Swoop Fest at Chicago in '05 and went on a tracking dive with Shaylen Allman. I was right above him when he rotated into the feet first position and I was hooked. It took me a few attempts but got it down. It does take some time to get your forward speed going but it's all part of the fun.
  5. Matter Clothing makes solid, great looking Free fly suits with bullet-proof construction which hold up very well in the wind tunnel environment. Check us out!
  6. flycurt


    Got Video? Tracking is such an underdeveloped flight technique. I FF organized at Perris for many years and we usually put up a sunset tracking dive. Not only can everyone take part, but if organized properly most every skill level can too. But many people just didn't think there was any point to it and "where was the fun in tracking for an entire skydive?" Amazing. I was usually able to convince most people who were reluctant, or "didn't know how to track", that it was a survival skill that they should work on, which is true. But once I was able to get them out the door, I could count on most of them to join me on later track jumps. Even have people come up to me during the day and ask if I would organize a tracking dive. Here is a fun tracking technique to try. On your back but, going feet first, with arms outstretched over your head. Get it down before leading a large group. Start on your back like normal and get some forward speed going, then a quick 180 in the horiz. plane. Feet flat, toes pointed, shins at about a 45, arch hard from your knees to you hands, looking straight up. It's good to have someone on their belly directly above you to give you heading cues and a sense of how well you are doing relative to what their body is doing. It's similar to a sitfly with maximun forward movement. Let us know what you think.
  7. Hey smoke diver, Everyone has good answers here and good information as well, but your question is somewhat "loaded" and I don't mean that you loaded it. It's just that toggle or riser input will give you different reactions, and therefore have different applications. That being said Tonto's response to your question is the one that I would say covers the question best. Your next move should be to seek qualified canopy coaching. Brian Germain's course, Flight-1 Essential skills course, a Pro-qualified PST competitor, or a CPC organizer. I would consider anyone from here a qualified Canopy Piloting coach. Good Luck!
  8. I hear you there, insurance really is a must in this sport. Just watching your video, the landing looks normal, nothing radical, or fast but yet a double fracture, just like that. Makes you want to say, "how did that happen?" I'll bet it was more of a surprise that it happened, than when it actually happened. Well, maybe for a brief moment anyway. I would have been crying for my mama.
  9. I totally agree. You are correct in all aspects. Just one thing though, do you know where I can get my Cosmic Phat Analyser (CPA) calibrated? Mine's out of date. Thanks, C.
  10. Frida says Hi, and "...that sux." Kisses delivered.
  11. Did it hurt? Good thing you had the little break to take your mind off the bigger one. Pain is just weakness leaving the body yanno. Get well soon, you should have enough time to make all 2 of the PST meets. Hope to see you then. Frida says Hi and, "...that sucks."