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  1. freeflyeuphoria

    European head down record

    Nice on Andy F, Andy N, Micey and Alec. Good to see all is going well. Flyin's going good here be it in helichopters. Missin my freefly :( Be in touch Grant the hairy one aka the wookie laterz.......... Grant a.k.a "The Wookster" Euphoria freefly
  2. freeflyeuphoria


    Hi ajm I'll go with bigun with this one im 6 foot 2 tall 240lbs 1000 jumps started on a saifire 229 from 30 jumps now on two saifire 189's one i bought off Bigun sometime ago (full rig thnx again bigun) a relined saifire 1 to saifire 2 linetrim and other one is a saifire 2 both canopies fly real well both in wings containers with pd 235 reserves. Love em been jumping saifires since they first came out. Ive got a saifire 229 with 200 jumps on it for sale if your interested drop me a line. Grant a.k.a "The Wookster" Euphoria freefly
  3. freeflyeuphoria


    Firefly suits rock real well built, have good range, and fit perfect and the service is great blue skies Grant a.k.a "The Wookster" Euphoria freefly
  4. freeflyeuphoria

    UK Nationals

    Me thinks the parrot yellow is quite nice only caus i gotta wear it 2. Oh F*%k me heads on fire with work ahhhhhhhh i wanna jump not fair life s*$t help need some lovin Wookie a.k.a Grant ( Ferret ). Laterz yall peeps p.s the Foxes rule Grant a.k.a "The Wookster" Euphoria freefly
  5. freeflyeuphoria

    Safire2 or Sabre2

    All I can speak for is the saifire I have jumped the Safire 1 229 staright from AFF one of the first canopies built. Got 300 jumps on that then jumped a saifire 1 (with line mod to give it better flare) 300 jumps i now jump a Saifire2 169 with 250 jumps on it have jumped sabres 1 and 2 on many display jumps its what the team i jumped for flies both great canopies as u guessed my choice is the Safire 2 better glide and lighter front riser pressure. This is only my opinion your best of getting some demo canopies and some canopy coaching and seeing which one does it for you both great canopies. Both PD and Icarus run demo canopies all over the world so it should not be to hard to get one . Remember Icarus also run a 30 day satisfaction guarentee if u dont like after u jumped see them for another or your money back!! Laterz Grant a.k.a "The Wookster" Euphoria freefly
  6. freeflyeuphoria

    ff1 and ff2, Wake up and smell the coffee BPA!

    The FF1 FF2 stickers system would have been a good thing if it were used properly. As an FF coach (and official FS coach) i have seen too many people with the FF1 FF2 stickers in their book whom should not have them. a. They havn't got the skills they require to have them. b. it was a bit of an old boys free for all when, they first came out u can have that one ive seen u sit fly (or be!!!!!) c. To many CCI / Instr have given them out when its clear the people with them shouldn't have them in the first place.
  7. freeflyeuphoria

    Photo hunt: freeflying w/ a tandem

    Here are some pics of an FF filmed tandem done by Euphoria freefly the FF jumpers are Alec Cotten(his Mom) Grant Meekey, Gary Sweeney and Chris Guntrip all members of Euphoria Bodyflight UK it was a mothers day present for his Mom she does a tandem every year for mothers day. Vid is kewl too but a bit large for here. Laterz Grant Grant a.k.a "The Wookster" Euphoria freefly
  8. freeflyeuphoria

    ff1 and ff2, Wake up and smell the coffee BPA!

    Andy is only trying to wake everyone up, some great comments have come out on this topic, harsh but true, structure, up to date coaching methods, a whatchfull eye, patience and overall SAFETY is what is required here, stickers or BPA rules will not prove this. Common sense and good up to date coaching and leadership is what is required here. Which is why Euphoria recently went to the USA for a coaching camp with Max Cohn structured on what do u think? Yes new up to date coaching methods as Andy im sure will back me up on ( he was there too) . So listen to some wise words lets not police but educate our discipline more and make coaching safer and more progresive in the UK. Through knowledge and most of all smilling doing it not bitching about it. Laterz
  9. freeflyeuphoria

    Team Crank video at Bridge Day

    Hey Craig look forward to seeing it regards from the boys of EUPHORIA. Pass my regards to D the Man. Laterz G Grant a.k.a "The Wookster" Euphoria freefly
  10. freeflyeuphoria

    Womens' Vertical World Record Pics

    Nice Pics ladies congrats from all the chaps in Euphoria Bodyflight. Grant a.k.a "The Wookster" Euphoria freefly
  11. freeflyeuphoria

    Ring sight

    Newton sights are fantastic used by us for ages great value and great quality. check them out here blue skies Grant a.k.a "The Wookster" Euphoria freefly
  12. freeflyeuphoria

    Women's VRW World Record Attempt

    Good job ladies rock on all. All the Bos of ::: Grant a.k.a "The Wookster" Euphoria freefly
  13. freeflyeuphoria

    freefly pants

    Firefly rock contact sherry at Grant a.k.a "The Wookster" Euphoria freefly
  14. freeflyeuphoria

    Lenses for the 10d

    Guys a big thanks for that one, been using wet film for some time now the wastage is huge, with digital should help cut that down, got a few projects for our sponsors to do soon too so a big thanks to yall again, anymore views keep em posting. One more does the Sigma 14mm F2.8 work ok with the 10d? Would save me a whole bunch of cash, still be geting a 20mm F2.8 cannon me thinks got a cannon wide to medium f2.8 telephoto allready. Grant a.k.a "The Wookster" Euphoria freefly
  15. freeflyeuphoria

    Lenses for the 10d

    Whats everyone using out there for the 10d looking to buy soon, any NEW info on whats best likes dislikes. Quade think ur the jedi on this one buddy. peace Grant a.k.a "The Wookster" Euphoria freefly