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  1. Andrewnewell

    Skydive Lillo, Madrid, Spain Swoop Pond

    I Think the DZ has alot of potential and its got some good guys working there, who really make the place. But other than that there is very little else there. A year or so ago this was a DZ on the up. There was great vision but little substance and Lillo DZ has suffered as a result. They have now addresed the issues with the bar and WC area. There is also a new freefly school there. Lillo has recieved some deserved critisism over the last few months but seems to be getting its self back on track.
  2. Andrewnewell

    Shoulder pain

    Hows it going? Yeah Ive been having a bit of a hard time with a shoulder injury. All I can tell you is that it could be one of your tendons being over stretched. Thats what I thinks happend to me any how. I still do head up jumps but have strapped the shoulder up when I fly. I get the pain head up and when leaning out of the harness on landings. I would be carefull and strap it up before jumps and if the pain contiunes then give the head up a rest for a while and go see a doctor. Bad Shoulder injurys dont tend to heal well. The last thing your gonna want is a mid air dislocation of a arm!
  3. Andrewnewell

    Oakleys-water jackets

    Dont bother mate. There expensive and I dont think you can fold them flat. Oh and the vents are too big! Do you Remember this mate? "Hey piers, do you want to be an American?" "No why?" "Then why do you want to wear Shades for freefly!? Wear googles!" Hahahahahaa Have you checked out the racing jackets, I think they were a bit better. Not too sure though. Fashion Vs function............
  4. Andrewnewell

    Is the Atmospheric Dolphin thing still around?

    Hey Partboy, You can still do the tests in the US, I did mine a while ago with Mike Swanson. Just ask around in some of the more senior Freefly circles and you'll find a registered coach that is willing to conduct the test for you. You can also contact Sven Zimmermann ( USA/GER) or Gian Carlo Trimarchi whos working at skydive Venezuela. both these guys travel quite alot ( USA and EUR) and they are both active First School instructors. I certainly applaud anyone who wishes to get their AD license. To get one requires a good degree of skill and lets you know where you are in your progression. a very usefull tool if used correctly. The AD tests still remain the only real non biased skydiving tests. Do it! "the sword of truth"
  5. Andrewnewell

    Paracadutismo Etruria Arezzo

    Skydive Tortuga is one of the most friendly, chilled out, beautiful DZs around. Its next to the beautiful town of Arezzo and is surounded by rolling hills valleys and mountains. It has a nice bar/cafe that serves the best DZ food I've eaten. the DZ is also in the process of building a new hanger and offices. When I was there they only had the one porter operating but a smooth yet chilled out turnaround meant I could enjoy relaxed and comfortable skydives. Olav and Tete are there now and whilst I was there they did some great organizing over the weekend. It was awsome to fly with some of the original pioneers of modern flying and the whole atmosphere created by the staff felt like I was flying at home. The DZ is a small but has the potential to go big. It it a dz that will undoubtedly grow to meet the needs of some of the most talented flyers in the world and the student base that will be attracted. It has a very homey feel and is by far the most chilled DZ I've been to. hopefully this will not change as the DZ starts to expand. I would seriously recommend going to Tortuga, especialy if freeflying is your thing, I would think however that if you needed to seriously train hard (hard core turn arounds) then the big DZ machines in the US are still the way to go. Try this place out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Andrewnewell

    Crossfire 2

    The Crossfire 2 is in my opinion the best allround canopy on the market! I believe It has the best and most consistant openings of any eliptical canopy out there. It has a fantastic amount of range and the partialy closed nose makes it feel like your cutting through the air as though your almost flying a cross braced wing. It has Soft front risser pressure and is responsive but not twitchy on the toggles. This canopy Also has a great speed building dive and a powerfull glide on rears, and a long flare on the toggles. In my opinion this wing should be the choice of pilots who want consistantly good openings, a high level of performance both in full flight and during swoop landings. Icarus have created the most ballanced all round high perfomance wing on the market to date, with the Crossfire 2. A pleasure to fly!
  7. Andrewnewell

    Vigil 1 Control Unit

    After numerous incidents concerning the Vigil AAD. one of which involved a good friend of mine, I feel its time to move away from the purely commericaly driven product, that requires no updates or servicing??? and back to a more reliable safety orientated unit.
  8. Andrewnewell


    The Micron is with out a doubt the best container and harness system I have used. It's ergonomic design (especialy the contoured yoke) and extra wide leg straps give the flyer unparalleled comfort both in freefall and under canopy. The quality and strength of the materials used to create a micron and its "bullet proof" design create a sense of absolute trust in its ability to function correctly every time. Strong, comfortable, reliable, Are three words that I would choose to describe this kit.
  9. Andrewnewell

    Florida Skydiving Center/Skydive Lake Wales

    Just been to lake wales in january to do a training camp with Max Cohn,did about 170 jumps over 13 days{ did 19 in one day}!! What can I say, this place is seriously dedicated to getting you in the air!!!! The staff were helpfull, the turn around is fast, they've got basicaly everything from the bar to the rigging room in the same place{in the hangar}. If your intention is to go to DZ that can support a pretty hard core training camp then look no further... It's also a great place to fun jump and there is a dedicated freefly school there run by Sean McCormac and Steve Blinko, if you require any advice or training in the dicipline. and on top of all that those dudes get some wicked sunsets!!!!!