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  1. No. He get out of this sport and prefer moto. He is alive and he was not injuired. But there is still no reasons to downsize like my friend. It is stil very dangerous. Downsize like this not nesseserily kill you, but you will have the chance.
  2. Thanx everybody for feedback !
  3. BoneHead Flat Top Pro and a BoneHead Flat Top Narrow Somebody who have these helmets or just have a big picture of it, please help ! Friend going to buy helmets, but want to be sure helmet will fit. Need picture big pictures of helmet from back and from sides, exactly fastening. Please sent photos to
  4. Manual comes with my own Smart reserve made in 2003 says: 3.Maintenance 3.1.2 Check that all slider stops are present, intact and secure. There are SIX slider stops, one on each of the outer B,C and D line groups. Manual on newer reserves says 3.1.2 Check that all slider stops are present, intact and secure. There are FOUR slider stops, one on each of the outer B and C line groups. Just curious.
  5. Few days ago our local rigger declines to pack new smart-135 reserve. He says there is something wrong with reserve, exactly with 2 external D-lines, attached to stabilizers. When lines at full tension and slider go up to the canopy and rest on stop rings, small amount of fabric (about 1,5") sticks out of slider ring, seems like external D-lines is too short. Is there something wrong with reserve ? The same thing on Smart-120.
  6. Yes, on my Safire2 I have same small grommets, so I have to pull each grommet down throught toggles with little force. Have a mini risers.
  7. Few days ago I had a chance to try my Neptune as audible and Pro-track in other ear. Two jumps from scary altitude - 5250ft Throw PC at 4100 ft. Both audibles works great at selected altitudes and simultaneously ! ProTrack shows 16 and 18 seconds of freefall and declines to calculate any speed - shows 0 km/h max 0 km/h average. Neptune shows 14 and 14 seconds of freefall, and calculate average speed and 3K speed - it is great feature! But it seems little useless for me to read average speed of 12K (actually between 12500 and 11500) because it is usual exit altitude, and average speed of 3K(3500-2500) because it is deployment altitude. 9K and 6K averages is great feature anyway. Also I was little dissapointed - Neptune does not show max and min speed on screen So only way to know how fast or how slow I was is to buy ParaLog software and go home for computer I was impressed of Neptune swoop mode - it is great help to eyes to judge altitude. Finally I think Neptune is good device and hope Alti will improve it further.
  8. Yes it was a nice day before first jump... I was in this helicopter too. I was more lucky with this forest landing, fell from about 10 feets into deep forest snow, my canopy collapsed from contact with tree. I glad everybody is ok after this jump.
  9. After sucessful update back to 2.2.0 rev. Neptune works again. Lost one jump day to test device
  10. Need help ! Does anybody have an older Neptune updater version ? My Neptune hung up while updating rev.2.3.1 and it is hard to me to send device to alti-2. I want to try an older version, 2.2.0 or 2.3.0. please send updater to Thanx...
  11. No way ! Unit is new, battery is very new ! No jumps yet !
  12. Just got my new Neptune. Rev 2.2.0. Device is good, I like it, but found some funny bugs. When screen is on, in silent room I can hear very silent sound coming from Neptune, if I put it close to my ear. When screen goes off, sound dissapears. This sound is very weak, does not makes me worry at all, just curious. Catch one bug, only when backlight is on, upper button becomes very hard to work, two other buttons works well. Hope this bug will dissapear in new revisions. All in all unit is very good, I impatiently waiting to try it in air... but winter is still here....
  13. Does using standart 3rings (not mini) means using more wider risers? What about lowering slider on risers? On my safire lowering slider is tight even with mini risers.
  14. Friend of mine becomes completely insane about downsizing. Now, at 270 jumps total, about 80-90 per year, he is going to downsize to 135 elliptical which puts him under 1,5 WL ! He was jumping 150 sqft 7cell square before, at 1,35WL and made about 200 jumps on it. All of his landing was ok but not very impressive. He was trying 135 and tell me that 135 did't scare him at all. He says "if you have brains in your head and going to be careful everything will be ok!" He is going to "learn" 270 degrees turn for swoop. I'm in desperation to stop him..... Help me to find any words to make him to change his mind.
  15. Stealth

    Sitfly carves

    Me and my partner start to sitfly, we both have stable positions, level, but, when we trying to get more closer, we both start carves, seems my partner always slide to left ! And we can't approach close any more, because we turning in counterclock, at 10ft distance. When I jump with other people, this happens, but not too often. One experienced man said it happens because in sitfly we looking on each other and when partner slides left, we turn our head left, it initiate carve. He said we should look on the horizon behind partners head. Can anybody give any tips ? Maybe wrong body position ?