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  1. So is it mandatory for you guys over the pond to have to do tandem jumps before you start AFF?
  2. Might not be everyones cup of tea but imo one of the best music videos ever, no wonder the video was banned pretty much instantly. e2a: If anyone can fix the link it'd be much appreciated.
  3. Greetings, great read and good that your still jumping, hang on in there as it does get a lot easier / more comfortable
  4. Hi all, So im looking to buy my first rig, i am 5'7" with an inseam of 28.5" and weigh 182 lbs. I'm looking at 2nd hand gear to start me off, i have spoken to my instructors and they say i should be looking for a 170 or be conservative and go for a 190, i like the conservative approach. So anyway i have seen a Jav Odyssey for sale with a saffire II 190 and nano 193 res in it, the rig is located a good few miles from me and the guy isnt available till next weekend, no biggie but i have the container info now but i just dont understand what it all means, i guess what i am wanting to know is what will the fit be like so i dont waste my time driving down for it to be totally unsuitable, so here are the numbers... MLW 17-1 Yoke C Leg pads 23 Lateral 25 J4K C-17 Any help really appreciated.
  5. Depends if im in the car or on the bike, the car takes me about 40 minutes, the bike i can do it in about 25 minutes
  6. That'll teach me to watch it at work with the sound down in stealth mode while i should be working lol
  7. Has anyone noticed the video says its a saber 1 yet the logo on the canopy is an icarus safire
  8. Thanks everyone for the tips / advice, some of them making real sense, as has been said its something what will come to me with practice, for the time being this weekend when i am back at the DZ i am going to spend the whole day just packing packing packing, one of the guys i did the course with spent the day there yesterday packing then the last few hours went through undoing twists with one of the packers and today he has his tangle test and if this goes ok he will get his packing cert, so this just proves to me that with practice it will come, just need more practice and a bit of patience while i am in the learning stage
  9. Hi all, so on Friday i did a packing course at the DZ as its a requirement to be able to pack / fault find etc to obtain the B licenece, its like a dark art, it took me 6 hours to pack a chute and even then i wouldn't let anyone in the world jump it, the hardest part was doing the S folds and getting it into the d-bag, i know its going to take lots of practice to become proficient at it but has anyone got any tips to help along the way at all. Cheers.
  10. Great choice of transport, bikes are one of my passions, and its always good to see girls on bikes, where i live theres not rreally that many that do ride. Just believe that EVERYONE on the road wants to kill you, expect the unexpected, and be extra careful on the daily commute, people seem to drive on autopilot on that as its a journey they make so often so sometimes the concentration level is null & void. Pic of my bike here. Enjoy & keep it shiny side up
  11. I've had 2 cortisone injections in my right knee due to a motorbike accident when i was 16, many years ago, it was either a total knee replacement or the injections, first one i had worked amazing and totally stopped the pain for a long time, earlier this year just before i started my AFF i had another in the same knee, this one has hardly touched it, and i also passed out in the doctors chair, so now i'm just having to put up with the pain. Hope yours carries on working good for you though
  12. Hey everyone, Well after poor weather lately here in the UK, i finally managed to get all my consol jumps completed along with CH1 and now i am officially a licensed skydiver, i'm absolutely buzzing and cant wait to keep the journey moving and learning more, but most of all, have some fun
  13. That i am afraid is something i cannot tell you anything about, i am still only a little fledgling student at the mo, but hoping to change that this coming weekend lol. You could always drop them a message on facebook, they are pretty good at replying so you should get the info you need pretty quickly.
  14. I can vouch for Langar, my local DZ, 2 caravans jumping from 10 till 8 pm