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  1. bigG


    I can understand that perfectly. I got bored with reef/fish spotting dives soon after getting into this sport but then I found Tech Diving (Wreck & Cave Diving) and IMO I find it pretty challenging and interesting. Diving deeper (below 130feet) and longer requires a lot of planning,discipline & training. Your equipment configuration is completely different from normal SCUBA, you are likely to be carrying multiple breathing gases, develop your own diving table for that dive, etc. My most memorable moment was inside a cave when my buddy silted the place out (0 visibility), I could not see anything at all but only hear my heart beating like crazy. We did manage to get out of the place but this could very early been a double fatality. Both sports have their challenging sides..IMO.
  2. bigG


    Been SCUBA certified for about two years now. Well oddly enough I got interested in SCUBA when I went snorkeling in Key West right after attending the Keys Boogie@Marathon. Something like moving from crack to heroin! (Metaphorically speaking) Got into Tech Diving after diving the fresh water Caves in NW Florida. Recently got Full Cave certified and must say it was one of the most difficult training course I have take yet. I honestly think my instructor tried to kill me on few occasions inside a cave. For Scuba enthusiasts I would recommend reading "The Shadow Divers" and "The Last Dive", very interesting true stories.
  3. Great that was my post number guess I am off the hook now?!? So that gives me an average of about 20 posts a year, does that make me a post-virgin still ?!?
  4. Yup, I am guilty as charged..I think I have been a member for the last 4-5 years but dont post-whore as much as I should. Every morning with my cup of tea, I check the news and before heading out. Personally for me "Bonfire" is like a tv soap-opera and I find it pretty entertaining with very interesting actors. In my defense I would say, I am more of a spectator than an actor and like my other "lurker" buddies, dont usually have anything more meaningful to add or sometime simply just too lazy to type. So post-whore on everyone, I'll be watching you….ofcourse purely in a non-perverted, non-sickko and non-stalker like manner. G
  5. I kind of got into Scuba due to Skydiving while I was at the Keys Boogie last year, did some snorkeling there for the first time and was instantly hooked. I am going through the same phase right now which I went through first when I started skydiving, gear, training, watching anything that remotely mentions the sport and spending considerable time checking out related website regularly. Now my main interest is in the technical side of scuba, i.e. deep ship wrecks and under water caves. I think both the sports are awesome but the only downside is choosing between then when it comes to limited time and money. Blue Skies & Cool dives! G.
  6. Other legal addictions which may not qualify as a sport: Cave & Wreck Diving. Also starting TECH Diving which is eating up all my time & jump money at the moment. Other Sports: Tennis and squash.
  7. I did not know what "Tinnitus" meant till this past Saturday, when I ruptured my ear-drum while scuba diving. Now all I hear is this constant mind numbing ringing in my left ear. Its driving me nuts.. Going to see an ENT specialist this week. I think I can appreciate "silence" now. G. P.S. Is it advisable to jump with a ruptured ear-drum or to wait how long after it heals?
  8. Does anyone want to share their hotel accommodation and costs? I dont really fancy renting a room for $70+/night all by myself. As an added incentive I will buy you beer (restrictions apply!) in addition to my share of the rent. I would most likely be driving down from Melbourne on the 10th (staying in Miami that night) and arriving at Marathon on the 11th. Most likely returning on the 15th or 16th.
  9. bendywendy bubbles ( it think she has a number after it)_ cynci freefalle jib skydivenflorida bigG the111 Carbonezone (tami) Carbonezone (scotty) SCARYPERRY IKenever edited ot add: Info from a thread in the wingsuit section
  10. Just handed in the Keys boogie registration today, getting the reserve repacked, informed my Prof. that I am need to be on leave to sort out some "Urgent Family Business" that week.
  11. Any ideas where can one buy these?!?
  12. Just to let you all know seems like a great place to buy cheap CD and DVD media. I just ordered 50 4xDVD+R for $32 (i.e. $0.64/unit)and 100 48xCD-R for $19 (i.e. $0.19/unit). Shipping was free. Seems like a good deal.
  13. Thanks Wile, You are a Star.