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  1. Spaceland does 2 tandems, no tunnel time, and straight to single instructor jumps over all 5 of their DZs and they pump out tons of licensed skydivers. Cant recall any incidents.
  2. I blew out my ACL and tore my meniscus a little over a year ago on a hard landing. Never had surgery and I wore a custom Donjoy defiance that kept me jumping with a completely torn ACL as soon as 3 weeks after my injury. Highly recommend.
  3. [/url] Video of his chop
  4. Make the drive to spaceland houston(my home dz) or spaceland dallas. Plenty of instructors there guaranteed to be able to help you out.
  5. I've seen it a few times at my home DZ. Best bet would be to go to your nearest dropzone and talk to the instructors. A lot of experience in one place.
  6. There's really no advice someone on here can give your friend except that his instructor should be going over what he's doing wrong .
  7. That "giant circle thing under the main flaps" is your reserve pilot chute , btw.
  8. Make the trip to Houston and skydive spaceland. Huge landing area, multiple caravans and otters, air conditioned packing area. They turn loads all day, every day except for Christmas. Spaceland Dallas is also about the same distance from Austin and equally as good.
  9. Skydive spaceland , they have four locations. I've seen people get their A license in 4 days. Top notch facility, instructors , aircraft and equipment. After your license , they offer free mentor jumps with a coach for your first 100 jumps.
  10. You'd have to have your license first for the free coaching. It's worth it though . A lot of fun 2,3, and 4ways or simply working on improving certain things. All with a free uspa coach and free video.
  11. I don't think you can go wrong with either of a grad of skydive spaceland Houston and I can't say enough about them. But spaceland offers FREE coaching jumps for your first 100 skydives , no matter where you trained. Go the cheaper route and then go to spaceland for your next 75 jumps and get free coaching. Spaceland is a world class place full of great people.
  12. I completely tore my acl and meniscus back in February. Did hard rehab and was back to jumping in a month. I bought a custom donjoy defiance brace and I've put 37 jumps on it so far. No issues at all. Plan to have surgery in the winter.