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  1. Thank you for your years at the Farm. Our student program will miss you. Enjoy your travels and stay in touch. XOXO The Farm
  2. 4 years have passed like a blink of an eye. Mum I hope you and the family are doing well. Hugs and kisses to all. I sure could use your advise these days Lee. The Farm
  3. Who was the Aussie that brought the flag into the Presidents cup in Melbourne The Farm
  4. Andy is whining. He hasn't had pussy in years besides the transsexual that fooled him 2 years ago
  5. He whinned and agreed to let me use it. The Farm
  6. To let everone know I am the DZO that this thread is about. Situation very busy tandem day swoopfly regular packer at DZ has been asking for a chance to fly video. I comped several slots on non video tandems for him to prove himself. After several attempts he proved he could NOT produce a sellable product. One of the regular video flyers rig was not packed as the bus was leaving, normally my staff would grab a rental rig but none were available. I asked swoopfly to let me borrow his rig he whinned a bit but I reminded him of all the FREE gear rental I gave him before he could afford his own gear. I also assured him I would take full responsibility for his gear. The videographer that used the gear has 500 jumps and currently jumps a crossfire 129, the borrowed gear was a katana 135. Those that know me know that I am a stand up DZO. My 2 cents. The Farm
  7. We will be hosting a training week @ The Farm June 6th - June 11th. Speed,distance and accuracy courses will be set up. We will have video on all landings for review on our big screen TV's. We will follow this up with a CPC competition on Saturday June 12th. All Hop and Pops will be cheap (PM for details) out of our Super Otter. Contact me if you are interested. The Farm
  8. We will be hosting a training week @ The Farm 4/20-4/25. Speed,distance and accuracy courses will be set up. We will have video on all landings for review on our big screen TV's. Cheap Hop & Pops - PM me for details The Farm
  9. Competition got under way this morning with the 1st round of distance. No scores yet The Farm
  10. ThanX Bryan. Never thought I would say it but I am looking forward to SEA level
  11. I received an email back from Barbara today stating they have an overwhelming response from swoopers and they are going to open up more slots. Here I come
  12. Why not 5 swoopers from each country??? The Farm
  13. ThanX to all who showed up despite the Shit weather. Not exactly what we planned. I believe Brian and Marty raised over $2000 for the cause. The Farm