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  1. This scam format has been used elsewhere, but the user above, who's account has been disabled, sent me the email below. It uses the excess amount scam: I would have love to come personally for viewing but am not around due to nature of my work,Am a Net working Engineer for Engineering company. We move from one location to another And believe that is in good condition base on your explanation,Arrangement for the payment and the pick up by my Shipping when Check cleared in your account,I really need it for my Son (Andrew)You will send the below information to me so that I can send out the Certified check to you as soon as possible,I will contact my Associate to sent the Certified check to you as soon as possible kindly bear with me,The check will take only 1-2 days to cleared to your account which will be sent to you soon .I want you to send the following details: FULL NAME ON THE CHECK:- FULL ADDRESS:- ZIP CODE:- CELL PHONE:- LAST OFFER More important there will be some excess fund on the check that for the shipping. Am buying this in good faith and trust. I will wait for your response as soon as possible.
  2. I had them contact me, too, but it never got beyond the first email. In case he's using multiple email addresses, the email address from which this user contacted me was: [email protected]
  3. I have many fond memories of Tonto, and all are quirky. New Year’s eve in ’95 or '96 at the DZ in Carletonville, we were all sitting around the fire, the buffalo milk long gone, with about half an hour to go before the year turned. Tonto came to me and asked me to park my car at the end of the runway, lights on, to help the plane to land at midnight. The plane took off into the night, and about five minutes into the New Year, he touched down just outside the beerline, having done an unscheduled night jump. After stowing his gear, he did the rounds and wished everybody a Happy New Year, that Cheshire cat grin on his face when he asked - ‘So how many jumps have you done this year?’ His love of life was infectious. I will miss him.
  4. Taking a look at the pic, I suspect the publication cropped the foreground.
  5. I wonder how much a webbed leg section would extend flight - like the web on a birdsuit - with one of these wings.....
  6. earthcurve


    I jump with a tight bev suit with 'winglets' under my armpits that stretch out when I'm using my swoopcords - I find I get my slowest fallrate and furthest horizontal distances when I'm using my swoopcords doing a T or crucifix track. When I'm not using my swoopcords, I revert to the usual max track body position.
  7. I jump a 170 Heatwave (and a 136 Jedi) and I tend to agree with a lot of the postings that many of the others have written regarding downsizing too quickly. Ellipticals are less forgiving on opening and one has to get used to the oversteer. However, I find them a lot easier to land because of their glide characteristics in a partial flare. I jump a wingsuit, so I expect to take only one step on touchdown. There is a compromise to your dilemma - get a Heatwave 190. You'll get more performance, a smaller packjob, learn to fly an elliptical, have better landings and won't be downsizing radically.