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  1. rmcvey

    Sunshine Factory

    Perfect. Big thumbs up.
  2. rmcvey

    Lillo meet - picture show

    Cool pix! thanks!
  3. rmcvey

    who are they?

    Texas Anomaly
  4. rmcvey

    Packing to prevent hard opening

    Hi Ross, how you doing? Packing techniques are very difficult to describe let alone teach on an internet forum. But basically if the slider isnt all the way up against the stops when you open, it doesnt work as it should. And as its main job is to slow the opening, you get the opposite, bang. It may have been this, it may have not, who knows. Like a few have said already, it could be a number of things, or none. Bad openings just happen sometimes mate Best bet is to get yourself to a dz and find someone to teach you to pack, some dz's even have packing courses you can attend. They should go over all the tips on how to try and prevent this in the future. But if you jump for long enough youll get hard openings from time to time. Get well soon mate. Rob
  5. rmcvey

    Feet First Atmonauti Video

    Theres a short peice of footage showing Gi flying feet first here in a vid by Andy Newell http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=3047 Its only a few seconds, but the rest is great video anyway. Maybe try here aswell http://www.atmonauti.com/
  6. rmcvey

    PD Silhouette.

    You will often find jumpers who dont understand a peice of equipment for whatever reason simply choose to slag it off. Your canopy is fine, dont let this guy make you worry about it he probably hasnt even jumped one. I would think there quote refers to the original PD 9 Cell's, I would describe the silhouette at a light wingload as an excellent canopy for someone of your jump numbers. Enjoy it
  7. rmcvey

    Cool Tracking Video

    Cool video man, nice editing
  8. rmcvey

    Calling UK Canopy Pilots

    was the 'UK swoop tour'' something similar? what happened to that?
  9. rmcvey

    BPA Artistic Skydiving Nationals 2005

    hi nigel out of interest what is the criteria for bpa funding? seeya friday.
  10. rmcvey

    What is Freeflying?

    'Freeflying' is a form of freefalling, but unlike flying just belly to earth in the standard freefall position taught when you first learn to skydive, you can fall in every position imaginable. Years ago the natural progression of someones skydiving career led them to 'formation skydiving'. Freefly developed as an 'escape' from the rules and competitive nature of formations, and focussed on solely having fun in freefall! Although now freefly has become a competitive form of jumping aswell, with rules and a structure to it. Read through this forum to find out a bit more on what you can get up to while freeflying.....