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  1. relyon

    CReW trim tab construction

    The trim tab is a cam-lock type of device that shortens the [front] riser slightly and changes the overall canopy trim. It has the advantage that it doesn’t require any input (pull) once it’s set and is easily popped out to release; the disadvantage is that it can't easily be adjusted ad hoc and might (be) release(d) when that isn’t desired. It’s use has been superceded by adding one or more links to adjust trim where and when that’s needed. I’ve tried just about everything that attached to risers at one time or another but haven’t seen a trim tab used in years (ca 1997). What are often used for CF are:Blocks Loops 2:1s (or 3:1s) Line attachments (notably outside B-lines)Also, if it has a loop it will often be a fairly large one kept open by a piece of wire (often cutaway cable) or surgical tubing. The loop is double layered and the expansion material is between the two layers. Except for blocks wrapped with Vetrap, I don’t have any pictures but can point you to these threads (read all the posts and there may be other threads):2:1 Debate 2 to 1 vs B line attachments Loops on rear risers? dive loop modificationHope this helps, Bob
  2. relyon

    CF-2 footage?

    Caren, Take a look at for a few videos from the CF 2-way competition at the last US Nationals. The current world record is at FSC WR. It doesn't get any better than that at present. Say hello to Tom for me. Bob
  3. relyon

    Connector strap w/3 ring release

    I've seen many variations on "death straps" as their often referred to. I personally haven't jumped them myself and prefer not due to the malfuction modes, but I know many who [mostly successfully] have. Perhaps Wendy (faulknerwm) will chime in, since she's used them on a few occasions. While there are several variations, it is important to have passive release mechanisms at both ends of any given attachment. If for any reason anyone lets go of the attachment device, it releases. A normal three ring is not sufficient as pulling the cable is an active motion. I know a guy who was one of four building a quad by side. The formation built to three with no problems. When four docked, his canopy wrapped around an active release mechanism. A massive wrap ensued in which no one could release and all four crash landed hard. Bob
  4. No nose reinforcement. "Mesh" entered for the slider color - they are all white. 9' lines (for a 143). No topskin buffers. You may want to get in touch with Rusty Vest at PD as soon as the order is placed. He can ensure that your order is handled properly and answer any additonal questions you may have. 'skies, Bob
  5. relyon

    coloring spectra (G&R pointer)

    Non-CRW canopies (notably high loaded, elliptical, microlined, or any combination of these) can't be made more CRW-friendly by coloring the lines. Doing CRW with these means smooth, gentle center cell stack docks at speeds where identifying the line by color isn't necessary. Bob
  6. relyon

    Austin, this Saturday

    My wife and I were looking at apartments in the area and I missed you by minutes ... twice. Damn. Next time. 'skies, Bob
  7. relyon

    CRW Camp Tour

    Chico sent e-mail to the crwdogs list asking if anyone was game for Dec 15-17 somewhere in FL. I'm up for that - other weekends will depend whether I'm off hitch at the time. Bob
  8. relyon

    Memory Lane...

    I got into skydiving from the aviation side of things (as opposed to the thrill seeking) and knew I wanted to do CRW the first time I saw a picture of it (I had 30 jumps at the time). Fortunately for me, I was jumping at Kapowsin which, at the time, was a hot-bed of CRW activity. There were pick-up 16-ways on many weekends ... now that DZ is history. My learning curve was practically vertical because my teachers were a 4-way team getting ready for nationals. I lurked on their practice dives with my Trathlon 160 watching in fascination until one of them top-docked me after break-down. After a dozen or so jumps like that, I ordered a new Lightning and got one-on-one coaching from a guy who'd been cut from the 4-way. It's been fun. So far, over 1000 CRW jumps, 9 cutaways, countless entanglements and wraps, 7 canopies, dozens of boogies, 3 nationals and a world meet, a half dozen world records (the night 25-way was the best), and loads of wonderful memories. Friends in the CRWdog community literally all over the world who are the greatest. I haven't been as active as I'd like in the past couple years (career change) and missed that last world record (major bummer), but I'm working on changing that. I still get the same rush every time I exit and pitch the pilot chute. My last freefall was a cutaway 'skies, Bob