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  1. Contacted precision 3 times and all I get is it's coming. No more time to wait on them I said I would have this done last week. Anybody on here have one? Or know where I can get one.
  2. Ok i wanna keep this going and add another one to my list. Sue Wasserman Don't know what her screen name is (or if she even has one) but i wanna say she is awesome to hang out with and always has somthing funny to say. Thank You Sue I hope we have alot of good times still to come.... Ohhhh and who can forget peanut and lucky it's always nice to see you guys at the DZ.....
  3. OK since Kitty started with me the least i can do is mention a few people i wanna say thanks to for being my friend. Kitty of course, Alex, Bad Brad and Big John, My new friend Lauraliscious, (and ted i guess for not totaly ruining "The Plan") Sue, and all the peeps at SDAL Rhonda,Curley, Rusty, Eddie, Caroline, Frank, Eddie, Scottie 2 Hottie, and many many more. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!
  4. I love you too kitty Now back to lurking.....
  5. towjumpr


    I will not tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death... one of my favs
  6. She Comes First The thinking mans guide to pleasuring a woman.
  7. towjumpr


    This is only a sympathy reply cause i know how it feels when i start a thread and nobody replies... BUMP!!!
  8. Getting a refill of crown and coke as you read this.....
  9. It would make a good "you've got mail" replacement. Post it here if you get one i'd like to hear it as well.
  10. Seems like it really wasn't your night to win Lee. Maybe Next time
  11. Before skydiving i always woke up before i bounced. but now it's about half-n half. Sometimes i wake up and sometimes i burn in, but i have never died when i do just get up and continue dreaming. One time i burned in got up dusted off and thought SWEET!!!! i don't have to repack...
  12. I lurk usually by the time i think of somthing to say in a thread sombody else has already said it...
  13. We call them Ranger sit ups in the army
  14. I am not a Whore I'm just Moraly Casual