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  1. BornToThrill

    New jumper in AZ!

    Congratulations and welcome to the family! What DZ are you doing AFF through? Good luck, have fun, and be safe. Post again when you finish up bro.
  2. BornToThrill

    Skydive San Diego

    Pack area is nice and clean and in the perfect location relative to the landing area which is super grassy. Staff was helpful, caring, and professional. The initial check-in was top of the line among DZ's. Locals have been soo awesome to talk to and jump with. Plenty of experience around and a willing to share. The vibe is amazing. There was plenty of tandems there but they were still pumping out fun jumpers. Couldn't believe how many attractive women were there. Only issue, which wasn't as big of an issue as I thought was the lack of actual bathrooms. They had plenty of porta potties but they were very well maintained and very clean. Could have more to provide in food and drinks but its cool. This DZ is seriously awesome and a total hidden gem out there.
  3. BornToThrill

    Skydive Coastal Carolinas

    The Cessna 182 is decent but all they have. Not a bad DZ, just more of a mom and pop kind of place. Most of the business is tandems and you will always wait or get booted for walk-in tandems. Large grassy landing area but small (though indoor) packing area. Jumped here a few times and had my wife do a tandem with Laura, who was awesome, caring and professional. Nice view of the ocean. If you live close by, great DZ. If not, make the drive to Raeford or Myrtle Beach to jump.
  4. BornToThrill


    I've read reviews about all the on heading openings this canopy has and it's very true. Canopy does open soft and on heading every time (so far). It flys well and is a little sporty. It's almost like a suped up Spectre but not quite a Sabre2. In my own opinion, it has a weird attack angle and takes few jumps to perfect the timing on the flare. With the flare, there is soo much power in the last 6 inches. You really have to dig deep on your flare on days with no wind. Maybe it's just me. Overall, good canopy for anyone who wants something a step up from a Spectre. I only hear good things about this canopy from the wingsuiters as well.
  5. BornToThrill

    Skydive Elsinore

    Very professional DZ and ran in the same manner. Checking in, they verified my logbook, pack card, license, ID and signed forms and stated on video that I understood. (There have been DZ's that have not even asked to see a license or logbook for currency) They covered all their bases which was awesome. The entire area is very clean (bathrooms were outstanding) and has a great atmosphere to it. Nice shaded pack area, though a little small, and huge grass landing areas. The locals were awesome with every skill level and conducted good dirt dives and exit orders. This was my first time there and I did 4 jumps. I live 4 hours away and was so impressed I bought 3 mini-blocks. Highly recommended and will deff return.
  6. BornToThrill

    Voodoo Curv

    My first brand new rig, second I've owned. I also jump Javelins at work. This is by far the most comfortable rig I've tried on. Really lives up to its "Curv" name. Nice innovative extras such as the "bio-yoke" and the flap in the BOC to keep your pilot chute in. Somehow the leg pads stay in place without the use of a bungy. Handles have a nice grip on them. Closing flaps have external rings instead of grommets within the cordura. The rig is sleek, small, and clean all the way around. Highly recommended. Also, absolutely no way customer service could be any better.