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  1. ParaGear and ChutingStar have plenty of tools and you can compare those prices. I recommend NOT buy a kit as it has things you may not want/need. Find a used kit bag and source out individual parts, it'll save you money...
  2. I have a brand new Storm 170 in a VC3 and it fits perfectly.
  3. Always contact the manufacturer about stuff like this. As it appears "minor" remember that this is your reserve and last lifeline. Would you chance it? Also, you may have a terminal reserve ride which has much more force, I would not want to chance it. Just something to think about...
  4. Congratulations and welcome to the family! What DZ are you doing AFF through? Good luck, have fun, and be safe. Post again when you finish up bro.
  5. Pack area is nice and clean and in the perfect location relative to the landing area which is super grassy. Staff was helpful, caring, and professional. The initial check-in was top of the line among DZ's. Locals have been soo awesome to talk to and jump with. Plenty of experience around and a willing to share. The vibe is amazing. There was plenty of tandems there but they were still pumping out fun jumpers. Couldn't believe how many attractive women were there. Only issue, which wasn't as big of an issue as I thought was the lack of actual bathrooms. They had plenty of porta potties but they were very well maintained and very clean. Could have more to provide in food and drinks but its cool. This DZ is seriously awesome and a total hidden gem out there.
  6. sad...
  7. I understand where you are coming from Quade. BUT, that flag represents their ability to pursue their education and be a part of this great nation. A student govt shouldn't be influenced by any flag, as their business does not compare to any similar affair represented by any flag by any country. I have no problem with other flags being up as well, as long as the US flag is first and above since this is taking place in the US. I truly believe this was done with the intent to create a controversy or a reaction. College students are always trying to leave their mark or footprint in these types of associations...
  8. Wow, absolutely disappointing. A lot of people died so that flag can be flown proudly. A lack of patriotism is paralyzing this country.
  9. Can a 18 year old who just received their drivers license own and drive a Lamborghini? Can a 200lb roughly new jumper buy and jump a Stiletto 150? Yes. Should they? Probably not. But then again, these are RECOMMENDATIONS. At the end of the day, most of these things discussed don't actually directly affect anyone but the user. Sure, there are special and circumstantial cases but the responsibility and risk lie with the user. You guys don't have to attack or belittle this dude for a post or comment. Thats what this forum is for. JWest, don't be discouraged or let some of these comments bring you down. Have fun and be safe bro!
  10. Sounds good man! I can make weekdays since it will be my downtime. I got a Curv!
  11. Everyone should start posting CREDIBLE link to support their cause or side.
  12. this was awesome! deff glad to see kids these days actually following whats going on.
  13. There is no GOP war on women. Actually, historically the right wing has been a proponent in empowering not only women but black people as well. This is just a blatant attempt at aggressive propaganda at a statement that was probably taken out of context. Inappropriate comment, sure. But who cares what this liberal person thinks, she writes "opinion" articles.
  14. Hey! I'd love to jump with you. I usually jump at Elsinore but want to start jumping at Eloy, especially since Im only 3 hours away. I am also working on free fly and am working on perfecting my sit. Lets stay in touch and get together whenever you get in town.