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  1. I knew you were joking, but I took exception with it because it gives the wrong impression. There may be religious types out there that aren't joking when they interpret it as "if you don't work, you don't eat," and then because of that they don't give to those that actually need it. So I took the time to quickly correct your misleading statement, and then you're the one that got all butt-hurt and started going off on another one of your bigoted rants.
  2. Ya, because many people don't care about the mass shootings in the inner city that happen practically everyday unless they can find some political spin to promote their cause. . . Edit: Damn, I keep posting with my Triple E Coreeece "sockpuppet." I was going to delete him from my auto logins, but I kind of like the way that rolls off the tongue. . .tripoly coreeece
  3. That is only since the format change. Bill is a longtime champion. Well, since the change I'd say that Jakee should have the most points given that this is supposedly a forum perceived to be dominated by left leaning liberal logic. I'm not surprised that you people even fucked that up.
  4. Holy shit dude, I just realized that you are like 60+ points above Billvon. That's gotta be like some kind of special progressive liberal record! . . . Hell even Webs has more points than Bill. At this point, I'm thinking lower is better.
  5. Again, it could kill you, just like a heat index of 125F or even lower. And you still haven't answered the question. You said the heat index was 125F, while others said it was 176F, while the NOAA calculator says 178F and 193F - which one is it? (third time I'm asking) I mean if alarmists can't even get their shit together about the past dangers of one single day way back in 2003, what does that say about the reliability of their predictions of future dangers?
  6. Fine, loan them the money for schooling and then take away the jobs. Nice!
  7. 6,000 years, or if you prefer 200,000 years of humanity and we still haven't figured it out. Good luck with that!
  8. Now Bill wants to ban me for attacking Nigel and Normis, ya right. Seems like he's been taking lessons from Adam Shifty.
  9. Exactly. YOU are the only one that said being black was worse. Normiss and Nigel wanted to know if misogyny was the reason for people not voting for Hillary. I'm sorry you feel that was an attack. Then stop acting like it.
  10. Here's another one for normiss. . . Never was there an answer....not without listening, without seeing - Gilmour
  11. Here's the perfect follow up: Never was there an answer....not without listening, without seeing - Gilmour
  12. This song is for mark and john. Never was there an answer....not without listening, without seeing - Gilmour
  13. Coreeece


    I was raised by wolves Face down on a pillow of shame There are some girls with a needle Tryin’ to spell my name My body’s not a canvas My body’s now a toilet wall Never was there an answer....not without listening, without seeing - Gilmour