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  1. I have a D license and went to Skydive City just a month ago or so after a 7 month lay off with Flying Hellfish 1 and he has about 2000 jumps with about a year layoff and they wanted $99 for a coached jump and $49 for a recurrency training from both of us. So we went to Lake Wales and they did it for $100. It looks like Skydive City went up on the price to $110 for a coach jump now also. I did a couple more jumps at Lake Wales before the shutdown so I drive another hour further to go Lake Wales now.
  2. So you bought the Victor 2 backpack? Some people was trying to find out about it now. I spoke to the guy yesterday and he wanted money transferred Western Union. Maybe it is legit. But if you wait a few days someone probably will come forward with some info. And if it is legit I know someone that is interested I am sure if it was stolen they would be glad to buy it back. .
  3. There was three questions on the C license test that was from Section 7 of the skydiver's information manual Mr. Wizard!
  4. Yes. You are wrong. Why shouldn't you read the whole SIM? Because you are too smart? Trial and error? Whatever Mr. Wizard!
  5. kat00, you are very wrong and shouldn't be giving any advice to anyone! You should read the SIM front to back! Hundreds of people have died for that information in that book! If you don't have time to learn you shouldn't be skydiving. I understand that things can be overwhelming on things you are learning but your instructor can advise you on the reason things in that book are so important! Take your time and learn as much as you can. It can and will save your life!
  6. The toggles are factory set. I can and have completely stalled easily just with toggles but I do have monkey arms. And on no to low wind days I do use my front risers a little and it helps my flare. I just want more flare like a Sabre 2 that can stop you on a no wind day. But I am a ex moto racer and I love the Spectre soft opening but running out no wind day landings are getting old. I have considered a Storm but two of my friends have them and they aren't that much different from a Spectre. I have talked to our riggers and they tell me Sabre 2 and Saffire 2s have more flare...But a friend dealer wants me to try a Volt they have. My riggers don't have anything to say about them. I just don't want any hard openings!! I guess I could fly a new Storm and see how it flies. My much larger military friend has a newer 230 Storm that he wants to sell because he wants something different. He has over 4000 jumps. I haven't thought about riser length! But like you said its a technique but a Spectre is designed different than a Sabre 2. Thanks for all of the info.
  7. Thanks. A friend is a Volt dealer so that's why I was going to demo that. I loved the way the Sabre 2 flew and haven't tried a Saffire 2 yet but this is going to be my canopy for many jumps. I guess this is something I don't need to worry about the cost especially if it holds it's resale value. I am a retired moto racer and I have had a lot of injuries so I don't want any 300ft openings or any hard openings. I have been packing my rig since I purchased it after aff so I understand how easy and forgiving the Spectre 7 cell is. I packed a cutaway on my 100th jump. I have a lot to learn! I would just love to have a little more flare and the flatter glide would be a plus. I have taken Flight 1 101,102 and a few coached jumps with Jeannie and Curt with my Spectre but I still would like more flare. My container is a Mirage G3 with less than 400 jumps.
  8. I have been jumping my 190 Spectre for about 200 jumps and love the soft openings but was looking for more flare and glide from a long spot. I have jumped a Sabre 2 a few times and a Sabre 1 one time that hurt. The price on the Volts are cheaper but do they compare to Sabre 2s or even a Safire? I am going to demo a Volt in the next week or so.
  9. Take a canopy class ass soon as you can. You can get a larger optimum reserve that packs smaller than the same size PD.
  10. I cutaway a 190 Spectre to a 193 PD reserve and it opened great and flew awesome. It had a full flare. I am sitting at 200lbs exit weight and had a great stand up landing!
  11. Aaron Stocum and Maxine Tate are great at Flight 1 but Alter Ego are some of the best! Jeannie Bartholomew and Curt and their crew may be able to meet you one on one. The Alter Ego Project. Of course nothing is for free but any canopy course is well worth the money! It can save your life!