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  1. Thanks wolfriverjoe. I'm just nervous really. The fear comes and goes - some jumps I feel fine, others I'm really scared. The main fears are gear failure and landing badly so I tend to obsess a bit about sizes, shapes, fit, wind direction etc. I'll definitely spend some time up high playing with the new canopy. I'm looking forward to jumping the same one all the time and getting to know it. I think it's the 160 reserve that's got me spooked!
  2. Hi, just looking for a bit of advice. I've got 40 jumps, and I've just got my own rig. The main is a Pulse 190 which I'll be loading at about 0.9, the reserve is a PD 160. I've been jumping hire kit with bigger canopies (lots of jumps on a 210, most recent on a 230, which was all that was available). I'm a bit on the slim side and hire gear never feels tight enough. I'm a nervous jumper anyway and some of my worst fears are leg straps shuffling down (unlikely belly flying I know) or the rig shifting off my shoulders. I've also had a few going backwards moments under canopy which I know would be lessened to some degree with a slightly higher with loading. I feel a bit stuck between a rock and a hard place as the big hire rig gives me the fear. My own rig feels snug and safe but I'm worried about landing the smaller canopy, especially if / when I find myself under the 160 reserve. Added to which most of my jumps were in Europe and I'm now in New Zealand, where the air is warmer and my last landing wasn't one of my finer moments! The main advice at the DZ has been aim to do 2 or 3 jumps on the 230 then straight onto the 190 on the same day, to be super current for the downsize; wait for the right day with easy wind conditions; pull high and play with the new canopy a bit. Any other words of wisdom / experiences / general advice? I know there are people with 40 jumps jumping smaller but I'm just nervous and over cautious about jumping in general.
  3. Hi, I'm a fairly new A License. I'm not wanting to run before i can walk so my next 50 - 100 jumps are going to be practising the basics of flat, but I'm really curious about freestyle (my taste in everything is stuck in the 90s so it makes perfect sense!) Is there a set list of moves and manoeuvres anywhere like there is for FS? Do you need a free fly rig? Is it best to learn FF style sit flying first or do freestyle flying positions stand alone as a separate discipline? I'm just curious, I promise any info won't be used to do anything stupid